What your coffee knows.

August 17
George Orwell’s novella Animal Farm was first published on this date in 1945.
Your coffee believes all beans are equal, but some beans are more equal than others!

August 16
On this date in 1913, Tōhoku Imperial University of Japan became the first Japanese university to admit women.
Your coffee arrives in a hermetically sealed can but wants to leave the door ajar.

August 15
The Smithsonian announced the discovery of the olinguito on this date in 2013.
Your coffee wants an arboreal abode.

August 14
On this date in 2015, the United States Embassy in Havana, Cuba, reopened.
Your coffee wants to wear a diplomatic tie with a double windsor knot.

August 13
The newly-returned Apollo 11 astronauts were given a ticker-tape parade in New York City on this date in 1969.
Your coffee wants to know if astronaut Michael Collins had to follow Armstrong and Aldrin in a second car.

August 10
On this date in 2003, the Okinawa Monorail opened in Naha, Okinawa.
Your coffee wants to know the whereabouts of Mr. Lyle Lanely.

August 9
Jesse Owens won his fourth gold medal of the XI Olympiad in Berlin on this date in 1936.
Your coffee agrees to do as it’s told if it means making a Nazi cry.

August 8
On this date in 1945, President Truman signed the United Nations Charter.
Your coffee wants you to ignore that plane heading toward Nagasaki.

August 7
The voyage of the balsa-wood raft Kon-Tiki ended on this date in 1947.
Your coffee wants to get wrecked on a coral reefer!

August 6
On this date in 1806, the Holy Roman Empire ended with the abdication of its last Emperor, Francis II.
Your coffee wants a Kaiser roll … make it a double!

August 3
Whittaker Chambers accused Alger Hiss of being a Soviet spy on this date in 1948.
Your coffee wants to attend the World Championship Punkin Chunkin competition.

August 2
On this date in 1943, Lt. John F. Kennedy saved all but two of the crew of his sinking patrol torpedo boat, PT-109.
Your coffee wants a pool noodle.

August 1
Peat-cutters discovered the preserved bog body of Lindow Man on this date in 1984.
Your coffee wants to be freeze-dried.

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