What your coffee knows.

April 10
The first image of a black hole was announced on this date in 2019.
Your coffee appreciates the gravity of the announcement.

April 9
On this date in 1991, Georgia declared its independence from the Soviet Union.
Your coffee remembers the celebrations in Atlanta!

April 8
Midtown Manhattan’s Longacre Square was renamed as Times Square on this date in 1904.
Your coffee claims it is a “fake square.”

April 7
On this date in 1827, British druggist John Walker sold the first box of his newly invented friction matches.
Your coffee did not start the fire.

April 6
The Dover Straits Earthquake occurred on this date in 1580.
Your coffee blames bad acting and poor scripts.

April 3
On this date in 2000, Microsoft Corporation was found to have violated the Sherman Antitrust Act.
Your coffee wants to play Monopoly.

April 2
Mafia boss John Gotti was convicted of murder and racketeering on this date in 1992.
Your coffee wants a non-stick carafe.

April 1
On this date in 1854, the first serialized installment of Charles Dickens’ novel Hard Times was published.
Your coffee wants to draw a picture of a horse for Mr. Gradgrind.

March 31
A performance of modernist music conducted by Arnold Schoenberg incited a riot in Vienna on this date in 1913.
Your coffee wants to be stirred with a taser-enhanced baton.

Nothing earlier in April, yet. . .

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