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What your coffee knew in December 2015.

December 31
Queen Victoria chose Ottawa to be Canada’s capital on this date in 1857.
Your coffee wants a Tim Hortons doughnut.

December 30
On this date in 1993, Israel and Vatican City established diplomatic relations.
Your coffee wants a communion matzo.

December 29
The last weekly issue of “LIFE” magazine was published on this date in 1972.
Your coffee wants a lifetime subscription.

December 28
On this date in 1932, actress Nichelle Nichols was born.
Your coffee wants to open hailing frequencies.

December 25
U.S. President Andrew Johnson granted unconditional pardons to all Civil War Confederate soldiers on this date in 1868.
Your coffee wants to pardon all decaf drinkers.

December 24
On this date in 1973, the District of Columbia Home Rule Act was passed, which finally allowed residents of Washington D.C. to elect a mayor and local council.
Your coffee wants to rule your breakfast table.

December 23
Gunthamund became King of the Vandals on this date in 484.
Your coffee wants a can of anti-vandal paint.

December 22
On this date in 2010, U.S. President Barack Obama signed the bill repealing the “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy that prohibited homosexuals from serving openly in the United States military.
Your coffee wants to ask, “Would you like to leave room for cream?”

December 21
Henrik Ibsen’s play “A Doll’s House” had its world premiere at the Royal Theatre in Copenhagen, Denmark, on this date in 1879.
Your coffee wants a Malibu Barbie Beach House.

December 18
On this date in 1932, the Chicago Bears defeated the Portsmouth Spartans 9-0 in the first NFL Championship game.
Your coffee wants to avoid any calls of intentional grounding.

December 17
The Firearms (Amendment) (No. 2) Act 1997, which banned the private possession of all cartridge ammunition handguns regardless of calibre, came into effect in the United Kingdom on this date in 1997.
Your coffee wants a high-calibre shot of espresso.

December 16
On this date in 1707, the last recorded eruption of Mount Fuji in Japan took place.
Your coffee wants to see thirty-six views of Mount Fuji.

December 15
The American Psychiatric Association Board of Trustees voted 13-0 to remove homosexuality from its official list of psychiatric disorders on this date in 1973.
Your coffee wants a rainbow mug.

December 14
On this date in 1984, Howard Cosell retired from “Monday Night Football.”
Your coffee wants to tell it like it is.

December 11
Eugene Cernan and Harrison Schmitt aboard the Lunar Module “Challenger” became the last humans to date to land on the Moon, on this day in 1972.
Your coffee wants a traverse gravimeter.

December 10
On this date in 1884, Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain was first published.
Your coffee wants to meet the Duke of Bridgewater.

December 9
“A Charlie Brown Christmas,” the first in a series of “Peanuts” TV specials, was first broadcast on this date in 1965.
Your coffee wants a Charlie Brown Hanukkah.

December 8
On this date in 1962, the International Typographical Union began a 114 day strike that closed nine New York newspapers.
Your coffee wants to read all about it.

December 7
W1XAV Boston broadcast a video portion of a CBS Radio orchestra program, “The Fox Trappers,” including what may have been the first TV commercial, on this date in 1930.
Your coffee wants you to stay tuned for these important announcements.

December 4
On this date in 1956, Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, and Johnny Cash got together for a jam session at Sun Studios in Memphis, Tennessee.
Your coffee wants to be Keeper of the Key with a Brown-Eyed Handsome Man.

December 3
Though they had appeared together in other films previously, the first film that billed Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy as a team was released on this date in 1927.
Your coffee thinks that is another fine mess.

December 2
On this date in 1804, Napoleon Bonaparte crowned himself as Emperor of the French.
Your coffee wants a laurel wreath.

December 1
The first draft lottery since World War II was held in the United States on this date in 1969.
Your coffee wants number 196.