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What your coffee knew in July 2022

July 29
Annibale de Gasparis discovered asteroid 15 Eunomia on this date in 1851.
Your coffee wants to be in a 7:16 mean-motion resonance with the planet Mars.

July 28
On this date in 1960, the Volkswagen Act privatized the government-owned Volkswagenwerk GmbH into the Volkswagen Group.
Your coffee wants a porcelain “blumenvasen”.

July 27
Austrian state sovereignty was restored on this date in 1955.
Your coffee wants to celebrate with some Viennese pastries.

July 26
On this date in 1945, Winston Churchill stepped down as Prime Minister of Great Britain following a Labour Party victory in the General Election.
Your coffee wants a cigar and a relaxing game of Chequers.

July 25
The Telegraph Agency of the Soviet Union was established as the country’s central information agency on this date in 1925.
Your coffee does not want fake news.

July 22
On this date in 1937, the U.S. Senate rejected President Roosevelt’s proposal to add more justices to the Supreme Court.
Your coffee wants more better justice.

July 21
Erden Eruç completed an entirely solo and entirely human-powered circumnavigation of the Earth on this date in 2012.
Your coffee wants a non-stop flight in a business class seat with in-flight cocktail service.

July 20
On this date in 2021, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos flew to space.
Your coffee wants a Prime Day discount that is out of this world.

July 19
Georg Anton Schäffer was forced to leave Kauai following his unsuccessful attempt to conquer the Kingdom of Hawaii on this date in 1817.
Your coffee wants to frolic in the autumn mist in a land called Hanalei.

July 18
On this date in 1988, the Beach Boys released their single, “Kokomo.”
Your coffee wants to get there fast and then take it slow.

July 15
As part of the Apollo–Soyuz Test Project, the last Apollo space capsule was launched on this date in 1975.
Your coffee wants to see an artificial eclipse of the heart.

July 14
On this date in 1983, the Mario Bros. arcade game was released in Japan.
Your coffee wants to pay his plumbers with free games.

July 13
John D. Ruggles of Maine received U.S. patent number 1 on this date in 1836.
Your coffee wants more traction with the Patent Office.

July 12
On this date in 1933, the U.S. government established a minimum wage of $0.40 an hour.
Your coffee wants a raise.

July 11
The United States took possession of Detroit from Great Britain on this date in 1796.
Your coffee wants to rock out to Motown with a British beat.

July 8
On this date in 1881, Edward Berners of Two Rivers, Wisconsin, reportedly created the first ice-cream sundae.
Your coffee wants a mocha frappucino.

July 7
Mother Frances Xavier Cabrini became the first U.S. citizen to be canonized as a saint on this date in 1946.
Your coffee is on a mission.

July 6
On this date in 1917, T.E. Lawrence accompanied Arabian troops in their conquest of Aqaba over defending Ottoman forces.
Your coffee wants David Lean’s autograph.

July 5
Jeff Bezos founded Amazon on this date in 1994.
Your coffee delivers but does not disrupt.

July 4
On this date in 1959, the 49-star U.S. flag became official.
Your coffee wants commemorative coasters from 49 Starbucks.

July 1
Charles Taze Russell published the first edition of the religious magazine The Watchtower on this date in 1879.
Your coffee thinks that there must be some kind of way outta here.