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What your coffee knew in May 2016.

May 31
On this date in 1669, Samuel Pepys recorded the last entry in his diary.
Your coffee wants to blog.

May 30
The Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C., was dedicated on this date in 1922.
Your coffee wants to know who is buried in Grant’s Tomb.

May 27
On this date in 1968, Major League Baseball granted its first franchise outside of the United States, establishing the Montreal Expos.
Your coffee wants a bag of peanuts and a tall glass of Labatt Blue.

May 26
The United States Supreme Court ruled that Ellis Island is primarily in New Jersey, not New York, on this date in 1998.
Your coffee wants your tired, your poor…ah, fuggedaboutit!!

May 25
On this date in 1977, the movie “Star Wars” was released in theaters.
Your coffee has a bad feeling about this.

May 24
The first Eurovision Song Contest was held on this date in 1956.
Your coffee wants to hear a refrain.

May 23
On this date in 1958, Explorer 1, the first satellite successfully launched by the United States, ceased transmitting.
Your coffee wants to give you more power.

May 20
The Theatrum Orbis Terrarum, the first modern atlas, was issued by cartographer Abraham Ortelius on this date in 1570.
Your coffee wants a little latitude.

May 19
On this date in 1649, an Act of Parliament declared England to be a Commonwealth.
Your coffee wants a council of state.

May 18
Henry II of England married Eleanor of Aquitaine on this date in 1152.
Your coffee wants to drink Lion Coffee in winter.

May 17
On this date in 1805, Muhammad Ali became Wāli of Egypt.
Your coffee wants to float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.

May 16
The United States Congress voted to mint five-cent pieces from a nickel-copper alloy, a coin which soon replaced the silver half-dime coin, on this date in 1866.
Your coffee wants to know if you can spare seventy-three nickels for a macchiato.

May 13
On this date in 1963, in Brady v. Maryland, the United States Supreme Court held that withholding exculpatory evidence violates due process.
Your coffee wants grounds for a retrial.

May 12
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration announced it would no longer name hurricanes exclusively after women on this date in 1978.
Your coffee wants to relieve your tropical depression.

May 11
On this date in 1973, charges against Daniel Ellsberg for releasing the “Pentagon Papers” to The New York Times were dropped because of governmental misconduct.
Your coffee wants to hire a different plumber.

May 10
Bill Haley & His Comets released “Rock Around the Clock” on this date in 1954.
Your coffee wants to rock, rock, rock, ’till broad daylight.

May 9
On this date in 1958, Alfred Hitchcock’s film “Vertigo” had its world premiere.
Your coffee needs to sit down.

May 6
Babe Ruth, as pitcher for the Boston Red Sox, hit his first major league home run on this date in 1915.
Your coffee wants to swing away.

May 5
On this date in 1809, Mary Dixon Kies became the first woman to receive a patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office.
Your coffee wants a coaster woven of straw, silk, and thread.

May 4
Charles Stewart Rolls met Frederick Henry Royce on this date in 1904.
Your coffee wants a Rolls-Royce cupholder.

May 3
On this date in 752, Bird Jaguar IV of Yaxchilan ascended the Mayan throne.
Your coffee wants a legitimizing stele.

May 2
Good Housekeeping magazine went on sale for the first time on this date in 1885.
Your coffee wants a seal of approval.