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What your coffee knew in August 2022

August 31
Dodger Gil Hodges hit four home runs in a single game off of four different pitchers on this date in 1950.
Your coffee wants to prolong the game.

August 30
Ty Cobb made his major league batting debut with the Detroit Tigers on this date in 1905.
Your coffee wants to dance a highland jig.

August 29
On this date in 1982, the element Meitnerium was first synthesized.
Your coffee wants to synthesize the one after 109.

August 26
Dan Bankhead became the first Black pitcher in Major League Baseball on this date in 1947.
Your coffee wants to hit a debut home run.

August 25
On this date in 1875, Captain Matthew Webb became the first person known to swim across the English Channel.
Your coffee wants to be smeared in porpoise oil.

August 24
Edith Sampson became the first black delegate to United Nations from the United States on this date in 1950.
Your coffee wants an understanding but tough grandmother.

August 23
On this date in 2007, the skeletal remains of Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia were discovered in Yekaterinburg, Siberia, Russia.
Your coffee has a fake Ingrid Bergman autograph.

August 22
X-15 Flight 91 achieved the highest altitude of the X-15 program on this date in 1963.
Your coffee wants to help you get up in the morning.

August 19
On this date in 2004, Google, Inc., made its initial public offering on Nasdaq.
Your coffee wants to look that up.

August 18
A funeral was held for Iceland’s Okjökull glacier on this date in 2019.
Your coffee wants to reserve global warming to your morning brew.

August 17
On this date in 1896, Bridget Driscoll became the first pedestrian to be fatally injured by an automobile in the United Kingdom.
Your coffee wants you to look both ways and to keep to the zebra crossing.

August 16
The Trump International Hotel and Tower in Chicago offered the world’s highest residence above ground level on this date in 2008.
Your coffee wants to know how long the elevator ride is to storage room that contains the boxes of secret documents.

August 15
On this date in 1945, Emperor Hirohito of Japan broadcast the surrender of Japan on radio to his subjects.
Your coffee wants to know what was on the B-side.

August 12
Joseph Lister performed the first antiseptic surgery on this date in 1865.
Your coffee wants to make sure you washed your hands and brewing equipment.

August 11
On this date in 1951, the first color telecast of a Major League Baseball game took place.
Your coffee can confirm the color of announcer Red Barber’s hair.

August 10
King Louis XVI of France was taken into custody on this date in 1792.
Your coffee wants to be served at a garden party.

August 9
On this date in 1902, Edward VII and Alexandra of Denmark were crowned King and Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.
Your coffee wants a shorter internship.

August 8
The first Chicago Cubs night baseball game at Wrigley field was played on this date in 1988.
Your coffee wants to remind you to bring an umbrella.

August 5
On this date in 1921, the first baseball game ever broadcast on radio was played.
Your coffee wants a baseball card commemorating KDKA announcer Harold Arlin.

August 4
The first issue of The Saturday Evening Post was published on this date in 1821.
Your coffee wants an illustration by Norman Rockwell.

August 3
On this date in 1921, eight Chicago White Sox players were permanently banned from baseball for fixing the World Series.
Your coffee wants to give Joe Jackson some new shoes.

August 2
Many members of the Continental Congress added their signatures to the Declaration of Independence on this date in 1776.
Your coffee wants an autographed copy.

August 1
On this date in 1774, Joseph Priestley successfully isolated oxygen from air.
Your coffee wants you to take a deep breath and give a thought to Carl Wilhelm Scheele.