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What your coffee knew in April 2011.

April 29
President Richard Nixon released edited transcripts of his secret White House tapes on this date in 1974.
Your coffee wants a forensic analysis and a digital re-mix.

April 28
Today is the birthday of Austrian mathematician Kurt Gödel.
Your coffee feels incomplete.

April 27
On this date in 1773, the British Parliament passed the Tea Act.
Your coffee is revolted.

April 26
Lou Gehrig was called out after hitting a home run on this date in 1931.
Your coffee wants a ground-rule double espresso.

April 25
On this date in 1939, Batman debuted in Detective Comics #27.
Your coffee dances the Batusi.

April 22
The first nuclear explosion shown on live television took place on this date in 1952.
Your coffee wants explosive ratings and a dosimeter.

April 21
On this date in 1509, Henry VIII ascended to the British throne.
Your coffee is the perfect accompaniment for a Pastyme with Good Companye.

April 20
On this date in 1912, Fenway Park, the home of the Boston Red Sox, opened.
Your coffee wants a seat beside Pesky's Pole.

April 19
After 148 years, on this date in 1939 the state of Connecticut finally approved the U.S. Constitution’s Bill of Rights.
Your coffee is extremely slow-brewed.

April 18
On this date in 1958, a U.S. federal court ordered that poet Ezra Pound be released from an insane asylum.
Your coffee is sold by the pound in vacuum-sealed cantos.

April 15
The Edison Portland Cement Company was established by Thomas Edison on this date in 1899.
Your coffee wants a mocha-cement frappuccino.

April 14
On this date in 1956, videotape was first publicly demonstrated.
Your coffee wants to see a slo-mo replay.

April 13
Lord Clydesdale made the first flight over Mount Everest on this date in 1933.
Your coffee has never seen a horse fly that high before.

April 12
On this date in 1992, the Euro Disneyland park opened in France.
Votre café veut rouler les luges.

April 11
The Stone of Scone, on which Scots monarchs were traditionally crowned, and which had been stolen a few months earlier, was found on the altar of Arbroath Abbey on this date in 1951.
Your coffee wants a cream scone, hold the stones.

April 8
On this date in 1979, the final first-run episode of “All in the Family” was broadcast.
Your coffee wants an old LaSalle.

April 7
U.S. President Jimmy Carter canceled the development of the neutron bomb on this date in 1978.
Your coffee wants to annihilate fatigue and leave you standing.

April 6
On this date in 1327, Petrarch first saw Laura.
Your coffee has a crush on Gene Tierney.

April 5
George Washington became the first U.S. President to veto a bill on this date in 1792.
Your coffee wants to veto decaf.

April 4
On this date in 1994, Mosaic Communications Corporation (later known as “Netscape Communications Corporation”) was founded.
Your coffee deprecates the <blink> tag.

April 1
Today is All Fools’ Day.
Your coffee wants an RFC 2324-compliant Hyper Text Coffee Pot Control Protocol.