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What your coffee knew in June 2007.

June 29
The Apple iPhone goes on sale today.
Your coffee is on hold.

June 28
Labor Day became an official US holiday on this day in 1894.
Your coffee enjoys a brief respite from the daily grind.

June 27
In 1542 on this day Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo claimed California for Spain.
Your coffee wonders what the Chumash thought about this.

June 26
According to legend, on this day in 1284 a piper abducted 130 children from the town of Hamelin, Germany.
Your coffee believes that you should pay pipers and pie apples.

June 25
In 1876 on this day, General Custer had an unfortunate encounter with the Lakota and Northern Cheyenne.
Your coffee is a lover, not a fighter.

June 22
On this day in 1940, France surrendered to Germany.
Your coffee never saw that coming!

June 21
Today is Go Skateboarding Day.
Your coffee was made with a crooked grind.

June 20
Errol Flynn was born on this day in 1909.
Your coffee appreciates a tightly buckled swash.

June 19
Today is Moe Howard's birthday.
Your coffee is nobody's stooge.

June 18
In 1967 on this day, Jimi Hendrix burned his guitar on stage at the Monterey Pop Festival.
Your coffee prefers a lighter roast.

June 15
The Computing Tabulating Recording Corporation, later known as IBM, was incorporated on this day in 1911.
Your coffee was brewed with enterprise Java beans.

June 14
Today is Donald Trump's birthday.
Your coffee is having a bad hair day.

June 13
On this day in 1966 the United States Supreme Court issued its decision in Miranda v. Arizona.
You have the right to remain silent, you have the right to an attorney, and you have the right to a delicious cup of coffee.

June 12
Major league baseball players began a 49-day strike on this day in 1981.
A summer without baseball is like a morning without coffee.

June 11
In 1936 on this day the International Surrealist Exhibition opened in London.
Your coffee has blue eyes.

June 8
George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four was published on this day in 1949.
War is Peace. Freedom is Slavery. Decaf is Coffee.

June 7
Today is poet Gwendolyn Brooks's birthday.
Your coffee hopes that her poem "The Bean Eaters" won't give you any silly ideas.

June 6
A thirty-foot-wide near-Earth asteroid exploded over the eastern Mediterranean on this day in 2002.
Your coffee was brewed in a protected underground bunker.

June 5
On this day in 1977, the Apple ][ computer went on sale.
Your coffee wants a floating-point BASIC interpreter.

June 4
Captain George Vancouver claimed Puget Sound for Great Britain in 1792 on this date.
Your coffee awaits Starbucks' caffeinated empire.

June 1
The Beatles released Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band on this date in 1967.
Your coffee would love to turn you on.