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What your coffee knew in November 2008.

November 28
In 1997 on this day, the final episode of “Beavis and Butt-head” was broadcast on MTV.
Uh huh huh huh! Your coffee said “butt”!

November 27
Alfred Nobel established the Nobel Prizes on this day in 1895.
Your coffee thinks that’s a dynamite idea.

November 26
On this day in 1942, “Casablanca” premiered at the Hollywood Theatre in New York City.
Brew it, Sam! You brewed it for her, you can brew it for me. If she can drink it, I can.

November 25
J.B. Meyenberg received a patent for evaporated milk on this day in 1884.
Your coffee wants evaporated half-and-half.

November 24
In 1859 on this date, Charles Darwin published “On the Origin of Species.”
Your coffee was intelligently designed.

November 21
The Plymouth Colony settlers signed the Mayflower Compact on this day in 1620.
Your coffee wants a compact with a make-up mirror.

November 20
The United States population reached 200 million on this day in 1967.
Your coffee needs an extra-large carafe.

November 19
A 200-inch mirror arrived at the Mt. Palomar Observatory on this day in 1947.
Hey! I can see your coffee from here!

November 18
On this day in 1477, “Dictes and Sayengis of the Phylosophers,” the first book printed in England, was published.
Your coffee wants a Kindle.

November 17
On this day in 1973, President Nixon said, “I’m not a crook.”
Your coffee is not a beverage.

November 14
Patsy Sherman and Samuel Smith patented the formula for “Scotchguard” on this day in 1973.
Go ahead: spill your coffee.

November 13
On this day in 1956, the U.S. Supreme Court banned racial segregation on public buses.
Your coffee rides the espresso line.

November 12
The Oregon Highway Division dynamited an eight-ton beached sperm whale on this day in 1970.
Your coffee wonders, “What would Starbuck do?”

November 11
Albert Einstein and Leó Szilárd patented a refrigerator on this day in 1930.
Your coffee thinks that’s cool beans!

November 10
“Sesame Street” debuted on this day in 1969.
“C” is for “coffee.”

November 7
Poppin’ Fresh, the “Pillsbury Doughboy,” first appeared in television commercials on this day in 1965.
Your coffee fears the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

November 6
On this day in 1923, Colonel Jacob Schick patented the electric shaver.
Your coffee approves of any advance that frees up time for a morning cup.

November 5
Parker Brothers introduced the Monopoly board game on this day in 1935.
Your coffee grows in Marvin Gardens.

November 4
In case you haven’t heard, a national election is being held in the United States today.
Your coffee is a latte-sipping elitist.

November 3
On this day in 1992, William J. Clinton defeated George H.W. Bush and H. Ross Perot in the United States presidential election.
Your coffee is a shrub, not a bush.