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What your coffee knew in May 2017.

May 31
“Vanity Fair” revealed that Mark Felt was the Watergate informant “Deep Throat” on this date in 2005.
Your coffee wants a flower pot with a red flag.

May 30
On this date in 2012, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg proposed that food service businesses limit the portion size of sugary beverages to sixteen ounces.
Your coffee wants a Big Gulp.

May 29
Nobel Prize-winning physicist Peter Higgs was born on this date in 1929.
Your coffee wants a God particle.

May 26
On this date in 1998, Australia held its first annual “National Sorry Day.”
Your coffee wants to apologize for disrespecting lattes.

May 25
KUHT, the first public television station in the United States, began broadcasting on this date in 1953.
Your coffee wants a souvenir mug as a pledge drive gift.

May 24
On this date in 2001, Temba Tsheri, a sixteen-year-old Sherpa, became the youngest person to reach the summit of Mount Everest.
Your coffee sees Temba, his arms wide.

May 23
English King Henry VIII’s marriage to Catherine of Aragon was declared null and void on this date in 1533.
Your coffee wants a pre-nup.

May 22
On this date in 1807, a grand jury indicted Aaron Burr on a charge of treason.
Your coffee wants you to talk less, smile more, and don’t let them know what you’re against or what you’re for.

May 19
Erno Rubik invented his eponymic cube on this date in 1974.
Your coffee enjoys a colorful twist ending.

May 18
On this date in 1980, the stratovolcano Mount St. Helens erupted in Washington State.
Your coffee wants an easy-pour spout to avoid any unsightly pyroclastic flow.

May 17
The World Health Organization’s General Assembly removed homosexuality from its list of psychiatric diseases on this date in 1990.
Your coffee feels pretty, and witty, and gay, and it pities any brew that isn’t hot today.

May 16
On this date in 1868, President Andrew Johnson was acquitted in his impeachment trial in the United States Senate.
Your coffee wants to show disrespect to the United States Congress.

May 15
Piloting the Mercury spacecraft Faith 7, Gordon Cooper became the last American to go into space alone on this date in 1963.
Your coffee wants a Solo cup.

May 12
On this date in 1593, playwright Thomas Kyd was arrested on charges of libel by the Privy Council.
Your coffee wants a better publicist.

May 11
One hundred seventy nations extended the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty on this date in 1995.
Your coffee wants to share the benefits of peaceful nuclear technology, but, honestly, much prefers solar power.

May 10
On this date in 1872, Victoria Woodhull became the first woman nominated to run for President of the United States.
Your coffee wants to see her emails.

May 9
The United States House Committee on the Judiciary began formal public impeachment hearings on President Nixon on this date in 1974.
Your coffee wants a sequel.

May 8
On this date in 1877, the first Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show opened.
Your coffee wants to be best of breed.

May 5
The Music Hall in New York City, now known as Carnegie Hall, officially opened on this date in 1891.
Your coffee wants to practice.

May 4
On this date in 1814, Napoleon Bonaparte began his exile on the island of Elba.
Your coffee wants to be served with Napoleon brandy.

May 3
The Kentucky Derby was first televised nationally on this date in 1952.
Your coffee wants a mint julep.

May 2
On this date in 1974, principal photography for the movie “Jaws” began on Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts.
Your coffee’s gonna need a bigger carafe.

May 1
The Empire State Building was dedicated in New York City on this date in 1931.
Your coffee wants to import a building mascot from Skull Island.