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What your coffee knew in April 2022

April 29
On this date in 1624, King Louis XIII named Cardinal Richelieu chief minister of France.
Your coffee wants to sharpen your wits, not your tableware.

April 28
Dwight D. Eisenhower resigned as Supreme Allied Commander of NATO on this date in 1952.
Your coffee wants to know why the National Association of Theatre Owners needed a Supreme Commander.

April 27
On this date in 1861, the recently inaugurated President Lincoln suspended the writ of habeas corpus.
Your coffee has body that cannot be suspended.

April 26
Queen Elizabeth II's parents, the future George VI and Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, wed at Westminster Abbey on this date in 1923.
Your coffee wants a guide to help identify which Queen Elizabeth is which.

April 25
On this date in 1684, a patent was granted to John Lofting for a method of manufacturing thimbles.
Your coffee wants to make you feel better than sew-sew.

April 22
Live television coverage of the Army-McCarthy hearings began on this date in 1954.
Your coffee wants to watch the Charlie McCarthy hearings.

April 21
On this date in 1934, the “Surgeon’s Photograph,” the most famous photo of the Loch Ness Monster, was published in the Daily Mail.
Your coffee wants tea and scones with Nessie.

April 20
Abraham Thornton, the defendant in the English murder case Ashford v Thornton, won the right to defend himself in trial by combat on this date in 1818.
Your coffee wants to fight for the right for free refills.

April 19
On this date in 2021, NASA’s experimental Ingenuity helicopter performed the first flight of an aircraft on another planet.
Your coffee perseveres to lift your spirits.

April 18
Pierre Laval became Prime Minister of Vichy France on this date in 1942.
Your coffee wants to be brewed with a higher quality water.

April 15
On this date in 2019, a large fire seriously damaged the cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris in France.
Your coffee wants a smart smoke detector.

April 14
What was described as an aerial battle was reported over Nuremburg on this date in 1561.
Your coffee wants to you to clean up after your sun dogs.

April 13
On this date in 1981, Washington Post reporter Janet Cooke received a Pulitzer Prize for her made-up feature about an 8-year-old heroin addict.
Your coffee wants to remind you that a lie can travel halfway around the world before the truth can get its boots on.

April 12
F. Scott Fitzgerald published his final novel, Tender is the Night, on this date in 1934.
Your coffee can’t stop giggling at the protagonist’s name.

April 11
On this date in 1908, the last armored cruiser built by the German Empire, the SMS Blücher, was launched.
Your coffee wants to know why it can hear horses neighing.

April 8
Entertainer Phyllis Diller had eye liner permanently applied via surgery on this date in 1985.
Your coffee wants bean-enhancement surgery.

April 7
On this date in 1943, the National Football League made the wearing of football helmets mandatory.
Your coffee wants a plastic helmet and a leather cup.

April 6
Robert Peary and Matthew Henson became the first people to reach the North Pole on this date in 1909.
Your coffee wants an iced Frappuccino and a sextant.

April 5
On this date in 1984, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar of the Lakers scored his 31,420th regular season point to become the all-time National Basketball Association scoring leader.
Your coffee wants to master the skyhook.

April 4
The treaty forming the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) was signed on this date in 1949.
Your coffee wants to invite Ukraine to join.

April 1
On this date in 1970, the Public Health Cigarette Smoking Act took effect in the United States.
Your coffee wants to taste good like a morning beverage should.