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What your coffee knew in April 2023

April 28
The first organized night baseball game was played in Independence, Kansas, on this date in 1930.
Your coffee wants to light up your life.

April 27
On this date in 1965, R.C. Duncan was granted a patent for the disposable diapers known as “Pampers.”
Your coffee wants to pamper you.

April 26
In Virginia, a Union cavalry trooper fatally shot actor and Presidential assassin John Wilkes Booth on this date in 1865.
Your coffee wants unarmed theatrical critics.

April 25
On this date in 1967, the first law legalizing abortion in the U.S. was signed by Colorado’s Governor John Love.
Your coffee wants women to have bodily autonomy,

April 24
Annie Oakley was hired to be part of Buffalo Bill’s Wild West show on this date in 1885.
Your coffee wants to be doin’ what comes naturally.

April 21
On this date in 2009, the World Digital Library, a project of the U.S. Library of Congress, with the support of UNESCO, was established.
Your coffee wants check-out privileges.

April 20
Derek Chauvin was found guilty of all charges in the murder of George Floyd on this date in 2021.
Your coffee wants to take a deep breath.

April 19
On this date in 2005, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger was elected to the papacy.
Your coffee wants an order of eggs Benedict XVI.

April 18
705 survivors from the RMS Titanic arrived in New York City aboard the Cunard liner RMS Carpathia on this date in 1912.
Your coffee wants a tireless wireless operator.

April 17
On this date in 1970, the damaged Apollo 13 spacecraft returned safely to Earth.
Your coffee wants a lunar module with extra seating.

April 14
U.S. President William Howard Taft threw out the first ball for the baseball game between the Washington Senators and the Philadelphia Athletics on this date in 1910.
Your coffee wants a three-finger change-up.

April 13
On this date in 1959, Pope John XXIII forbade Roman Catholics throughout the world to vote for candidates or parties that supported or gave comfort to the Communists.
Your coffee wants freedom of conscience.

April 12
James Alexander Tyng became the first baseball player to use a catcher’s mask in a game on this date in 1877.
Your coffee wants to know if the tools of ignorance make it look fat.

April 11
On this date in 1974, the U.S. House Committee on the Judiciary subpoenaed the tapes of 42 White House conversations.
Your coffee wants a commemorative CD of the “smoking gun” tape.

April 10
The Professional Golfers’ Association was founded on this date in 1916.
Your coffee wants a good tee shot, not a tea shot.

April 7
On this date in 1141, Empress Matilda became the first female ruler of England.
Your coffee wants to see a prequel to “The Lion in Winter.”

April 6
Mexico banned the immigration of U.S. citizens into Texas on this date in 1830.
Your coffee wants to build a wall.

April 5
On this date in 1242, Alexander Nevsky defeated an invasion attempt by the Teutonic Knights in the Battle on the Ice of Lake Peipus.
Your coffee wants a live recording of the film score by Sergei Prokofiev.

April 4
Susanna M. Salter was elected mayor of Argonia, Kansas, on this date in 1887, making her the first female mayor elected in the United States.
Your coffee enjoys a practical joke that advances the cause of women’s rights.

April 3
On this date in 1933, Sir Douglas Douglas-Hamilton, Lord Clydesdale and David McIntyre made the first flight over Mount Everest.
Your coffee wants to believe a horse can fly.