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What your coffee knew in November 2017.

November 30
On this date in 1804, the United States House of Representatives charged Supreme Court Justice Samuel Chase with eight articles of impeachment.
Your coffee wants an independent judiciary.

November 29
San Jose, California, was founded on this date in 1777.
Your coffee wants to know the way there.

November 28
On this date in 1925, the Grand Ole Opry began broadcasting out of Nashville, Tennessee.
Your coffee wants to dance to the red hot fiddle playing of the Fruit Jar Drinkers.

November 27
In London, Theodore Hook perpetrated the Berners Street Hoax on this date in 1810.
Your coffee wants a Regency-era flash mob.

November 24
On this date in 1835, the Texas Provincial Government authorized the creation of the Texas Rangers horse-mounted police force.
Your coffee wants a black mask, a native-American partner, and a horse named “Silver.”

November 23
The New Shepard space vehicle made the first successful controlled vertical landing after a space flight on this date in 2015.
Your coffee wants its next Amazon Prime purchase to arrive by rocket.

November 22
On this date in 2005, Angela Merkel was elected as the first female Chancellor in German history.
Your coffee wants a doctorate in quantum chemistry.

November 21
“La Ronde,” the first revolving restaurant in the United States, opened in Honolulu, Hawaii, on this date in 1961.
Your coffee wants to experience Coriolis forces.

November 20
On this date in 1998, Zarya, the first module on the International Space Station, was launched.
Your coffee wants to watch “Darya.”

November 17
Giuseppe Verdi's first opera, “Oberto”, premiered at the Teatro alla Scala in Milan, Italy, on this date in 1839.
Your coffee wants to turn your fevered thoughts.

November 16
On this date in 1974, the Arecibo Message was broadcast to the globular stellar cluster M13.
Your coffee wants a 450 kW brewer.

November 15
The Buran spaceplane, the only space shuttle built by the Soviet Union, made its sole flight on this date in 1988.
Your coffee wants to boost you higher than an Energia rocket.

November 14
On this date in 1889, journalist Nellie Bly began her attempt to travel around the world in 80 days.
Your coffee wants to pack a good overcoat, several changes of underwear, and a small travel bag of toiletries.

November 13
The Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C., was dedicated on this date in 1982.
Your coffee wants a memorial gabbro mug.

November 10
On this date in 1958, New York diamond merchant Harry Winston donated the Hope Diamond to the Smithsonian Institution.
Your coffee wants to be multifaceted.

November 9
NASA launched the first Saturn V rocket, carrying a test version of the Apollo capsule, on this date in 1967.
Your coffee wants five Rocketdyne F-1 engines arrayed in a quincunx.

November 8
On this date in 1965, the United Kingdom formally abolished the death penalty for acts of murder.
Your coffee does not want to leave you hanging.

November 7
The Museum of Modern Art in New York City opened to the public on this date in 1929.
Your coffee loves the adamantine ladies.

November 6
On this date in 1860, Abraham Lincoln was elected the sixteenth President of the United States.
Your coffee wants a Republican President it can respect.

November 3
The Soviet Union launched Sputnik 2 into Earth orbit on this date in 1957.
Your coffee wants a kinder, gentler way to send dogs to heaven.

November 2
On this date in 1936, the British Broadcasting Corporation initiated the BBC Television Service.
Your coffee wants a Marconi-EMI 405-line system.

November 1
The first medical school for women in the United States was founded on this date in 1848.
Your coffee wants you to turn your head and cough.