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What your coffee knew in July 2007.

July 31
The radio program "The Shadow" first aired on this day in 1930.
Your coffee knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men.

July 30
On this day in 1975, Jimmy Hoffa disappeared and was never seen again.
Your coffee has an iron-clad alibi.

July 27
On this day in 1974, the House Judiciary Committee voted to impeach President Richard Nixon for obstruction of justice.
Your coffee remembers when obstruction of justice actually meant something.

July 26
Today is Carl Jung's birthday.
Your coffee is an archetype from the collective unconscious.

July 25
Bob Dylan played an electric guitar at the Newport Folk Festival on this day in 1965.
Your coffee ain't gonna work on Maggie's farm no more.

July 24
On this day in 1974, the U.S. Supreme Court ordered President Nixon to turn over the subpoenaed White House tapes.
Your coffee remembers when a subpoena actually meant something.

July 23
Today is Raymond Chandler's birthday.
A cup of coffee won't keep you from enjoying The Big Sleep.

July 20
Viking 1 landed on Mars on this day in 1976.
Your coffee is searching for signs of extra-terrestrial espresso.

July 19
On this day in 1848, the Women's Rights Convention began in Seneca Falls, New York.
Your coffee looks terrible in bloomers.

July 18
Today is John Glenn's birthday.
Your coffee has the right stuff.

July 17
Joe DiMaggio's hitting streak ended after 56 games on this day in 1941.
Your coffee wonders where he's gone.

July 16
Martha Stewart was sentenced to prison for lying to investigators on this day in 2004.
Your coffee can faintly hear Scooter Libby chuckling.

July 13
Today is Patrick Stewart's birthday.
Your coffee likes tea. Earl Grey. Hot.

July 12
In 1960 on this day the Etch A Sketch first went on sale.
Your coffee still hopes to master a smooth diagonal.

July 11
Microsoft officially ended support for Windows ME and Windows 98 one year ago today.
Your coffee still runs CP/M.

July 10
The City of Dublin was founded on this day in 988.
Your coffee was brewed with water from the river Liffey.

July 9
In Chicago on this day in 1995, the Grateful Dead performed their last concert.
Thinkin' and drinkin' is all your coffee has today.

July 6
On this day in 1957, John Lennon met Paul McCartney for the first time.
Your coffee was the walrus.

July 5
Hormel Food Corporation introduced Spam on this day in 1937.
Your coffee likes Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, baked beans, Spam, Spam, Spam, and Spam!

July 4
On this day in 1054, the supernova that created the Crab Nebula was first observed by Chinese and Arab astronomers.
Your coffee enjoys a good pyrotechnic display.

July 3
Today is Tom Cruise's birthday.
Your coffee doesn't want to believe.

July 2
In 1947 on this day, a reported UFO crashed near Roswell, New Mexico.
Your coffee wants to believe.