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What your coffee knew in June 2009.

June 30
The 26th amendment to the United States Constitution, lowering the voting age to 18, was ratified on this date in 1971.
Your coffee votes early and often.

June 29
On this date in 1880, France annexed Tahiti.
Your coffee is a boisson de parapluie.

June 26
In 1896 on this date, the first theater exclusively dedicated to showing motion pictures opened.
Your coffee wants a senior discount.

June 25
Bobby Lee Bonds of the San Francisco Giants hit a grand slam home run in his first major league baseball game on this date in 1968.
Your coffee doesn’t need steroids to be strong.

June 24
In 1947 on this day, pilot Kenneth Arnold made the first widely reported UFO sighting in the United States.
Your coffee wants to believe.

June 23
Christopher Latham Sholes received a patent for the “Type-Writer” on this date in 1868.
If your coffee is too light, you should change the ribbon.

June 22
On this date in 1969, the Cuyahoga River in Ohio caught fire.
Your coffee is steaming, not smoking.

June 19
In Spokane, Washington, on this day in 1910, Father’s Day was first celebrated.
Your coffee really doesn’t want another tie.

June 18
Astronaut Sally Ride, riding aboard Space Shuttle Challenger, became the first American woman to fly in space on this day in 1983.
Your coffee tastes better in a zero-g cup.

June 17
On this day in 1972, five White House operatives were arrested for breaking into the Democratic National Committee headquarters in the Watergate complex in Washington, D.C.
Your coffee was purchased with hush money.

June 16
Cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova, piloting the Vostok 6, became the first woman to fly in space on this day in 1963.
Your coffee is brewed from the Right Stuff.

June 15
In 1215 on this day, King John of England put his seal to the Magna Carta.
Commemorate the day with a Magna Mochachino!

June 12
On this day in 1917, the United States Secret Service extended its protection of the President to the President’s family.
Your coffee’s Secret Service codename is “Perky.”

June 11
Today is actor Hugh Laurie’s birthday.
You can wash that Vicodin down with your coffee.

June 10
On this day in 1944, pitcher Joe Nuxhall, at age 15½, became the youngest person to play in a major league baseball game.
Your coffee needs extra milk.

June 9
Winston Churchill was made an honorary citizen of the United States on this day in 1963.
All we have to offer is blood, toil, tears, and coffee.

June 8
In 1998 on this day, Charlton Heston was elected president of the National Rifle Association.
You can have my coffee when you take it from my cold, dead hands.

June 5
On this day in 1959, Bob Dylan (a.k.a. Robert Zimmerman) graduated from Hibbing High School in Minnesota.
Your coffee’s in the basement mixing up the medicine.

June 4
“Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan” opened on this day in 1982.
Your coffee passed the Kobiyashi Maru test.

June 3
In Paris on this day in 1946, the first bikini bathing suit was displayed.
Your coffee wears a bandeaukini under a burka.

June 2
The R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company proposed a merger with Nabisco on this day in 1985.
Your coffee smokes shredded wheat.

June 1
On this day in 1980, CNN began broadcasting.
Your coffee is a stringer for The Cartoon Network.