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What your coffee knew in January 2022

January 31
The United Kingdom’s membership in the European Union ended on this date in 2020.
Your coffee wants an exit from Brexit.

January 28
On this date in 1807, London’s Pall Mall became the first street to be illuminated by gaslight.
Your coffee wants to ask Charles Boyer a few questions about home lighting.

January 27
Modest Mussorgsky’s opera “Boris Godunov” debuted in St. Petersburg on this date in 1874.
Your coffee wants to see the serialized Jay Ward production.

January 26
On this date in 1934, the Apollo Theater opened in Harlem.
Your coffee wants to see Satchmo play while Bojangles dances!

January 25
Nike was founded in Oregon on this date in 1964.
Your coffee wants to just do it while wearing a blue ribbon.

January 24
On this date in 1536, King Henry VIII had a near-fatal jousting accident.
Your coffee wants to arrest on charges of treason anyone who shouted “Let’s go, Brandon!”

January 21
A jury in Manassas, VA, acquitted Lorena Bobbitt by reason of temporary insanity on this date in 1994.
Your coffee wants to give her a small tip.

January 20
On this date in 1954, the National Negro Network was founded.
Your coffee wants to hear the next episode of “It’s A Mystery Man” with Cab Calloway.

January 19
Nazi war criminal Klaus Barbie was arrested in Bolivia on this date in 1983.
Your coffee wants a more inspirational Barbie doll.

January 18
On this date in 1671, Henry Morgan captured Panama City.
Your coffee wants to know if he took a helicopter there from the set of “M*A*S*H”.

January 17
The Volstead Act prohibiting the sale and consumption of alcohol in the United States went into effect on this date in 1920.
Your coffee has a hangover.

January 14
On this date in 1954, actor Marilyn Monroe married baseball player Joe DiMaggio.
Your coffee wants to make an over-the-shoulder catch of the bridal bouquet.

January 13
President Donald Trump was impeached for the second time on this date in 2021.
Your coffee wanted 10 more “guilty” votes.

January 12
On this date in 475, Byzantine Emperor Zeno was forced to flee his capital at Constantinople.
Your coffee wants to know why he appears motionless.

January 11
The first recorded official lottery in England took place on this date in 1569.
Your coffee wants a Mega Millions ticket.

January 10
On this date in 1430, Philip the Good, Duke of Burgundy, established the Distinguished Order of the Golden Fleece.
Your coffee wants no mean reward for its labors.

January 7
Frenchman Jean-Pierre Blanchard with American John Jeffries crossed the English Channel in a gas balloon on this date in 1785.
Your coffee wants to wear summer-weight trousers.

January 6
On this date in 2021, supporters of President Trump stormed the Capitol building in an attempt to decertify the election of his opponent.
Your coffee wants to lock them up.

January 5
The television program “Mr. Ed” debuted on CBS-TV on this date in 1961.
Your coffee wants screen credit.

January 4
On this date in 1999, wrestler Jesse Ventura was sworn in as Minnesota’s 38th governor.
Your coffee wants to hold office with a leg-trap camel clutch.

January 3
Pope John XXIII excommunicated Fidel Castro on this date in 1962.
Your coffee wants to give that pontiff a cigar.