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What your coffee knew in February 2022

February 28
The first vaudeville theater opened in Boston on this date in 1883.
Your coffee knows better than to follow an animal act or one with kids.

February 25
On this date in 1793, the first recorded meeting of the United States Cabinet with the President took place.
Your coffee wants an executive armoire.

February 24
Adolf Hitler founded the Nazi Party in Munich on this date in 1920.
Your coffee wants a copy of Maus and an antifa armband.

February 23
On this date in 1942, a Japanese submarine fired artillery at coastal targets near Santa Barbara, California.
Your coffee wants to view a director’s cut of “1941.”

February 22
The last invasion of Britain took place in Wales on this date in 1797.
Your coffee wants to serve beside Jemima Nicholas.

February 21
On this date in 1613, Russia’s Romanov dynasty began with the election of Mikhail I as Tsar.
Your coffee is Godunov to bring tears to the Tsar’s eyes.

February 18
The Mars Rover Perseverance landed in Jezero crater on Mars on this date in 2021.
Your coffee wants a helicopter tour of the Octavia E. Butler Landing site.

February 17
On this date in 1867, the first ship passed through the Suez Canal.
Your coffee wants to ignore the “Under Construction” signs.

February 16
The Alaska Equal Rights Act of 1945 became the 20th century’s first anti-discrimination law enacted in the United States on this date in 1945.
Your coffee wants to catch a flick with Alberta Schenck.

February 15
On this date in 1953, 17-year-old Tenley Albright became the first American to win the world figure-skating championship.
Your coffee wants triple salchow and a scalpel.

February 14
Today is Valentine’s Day.
Remember: love is an ever-fixed mark
That looks on tempests and is never shaken.

February 11
On this date in 1937, General Motors agreed to recognize the United Automobile Workers Union.
Your coffee wants to sit down and cheer.

February 10
Queen Victoria married Prince Albert on this date in 1840.
Your coffee wants to live in a crystal palace.

February 9
On this date in 1825, John Quincy Adams was elected President of the United States by a contingent election in the U.S. House of Representatives.
Your coffee wants to drop out of the Electoral College.

February 8
The film “The Birth of a Nation” premiered in Los Angeles on this date in 1915.
Your coffee wants a ticket for “Intolerance”.

February 7
On this date in 1943, the United States government announced the beginning of shoe rationing.
Your coffee wants hobbit feet.

February 4
Meeting in Montgomery, Alabama, delegates from six U.S. states met to form the Confederate States of America on this date in 1861.
Your coffee wants us all to get along.

February 3
On this date in 1913, the Sixteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution, authorizing a federal income tax, was ratified.
Your coffee wants to file an extension.

February 2
South African President F.W. de Klerk lifted a ban on the African National Congress and promised to free Nelson Mandela on this date in 1990.
Your coffee wants to watch the Disney documentary series, “The Mandelarian.”

February 1
On this date in 1901, actor Clark Gable was born.
Frankly, my dear, your coffee doesn’t give a damn…but it does give free refills!