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What your coffee knew in June 2013.

June 28
The order to break up Microsoft for antitrust violations was set aside by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit on this date in 2001.
Your coffee wants to emulate Internet Explorer in a Java widget.

June 27
On this date in 1966, the daytime serial “Dark Shadows” began its run on the ABC television network.
Your coffee likes it dark.

June 26
W.K. Clarkson, Jr., patented the bicycle on this date in 1819.
Your coffee prefers a velocipede to a velociraptor.

June 25
On this date in 1678, Elena Cornaro Piscopia of Venice became the first woman awarded a doctorate of philosophy upon her graduation from the University of Padua.
Your coffee wants to wear an ermine mozetta.

June 24
A major outbreak of St. Vitus’ Dance, also known as choreomania, took place in Aix-la-Chapelle on this date in 1374.
Your coffee wants to put its best foot forward.

June 21
On this date in 1973, the United States Supreme Court established a three-prong test for obscenity in the case Miller v. California.
Your coffee is always in the best of taste.

June 20
The Wikimedia Foundation was established in St. Petersburg, Florida, on this date in 2003.
Your coffee says, “[citation needed].”

June 19
On this date in 1952, the quiz show “I’ve Got a Secret” debuted on CBS-TV.
Your coffee watches “Not Anymore!” on the NSA network.

June 18
The first fly-casting tournament was held in Utica, New York, on this date in 1861.
Your coffee thought Jeff Goldblum was excellently cast as Seth Brundle.

June 17
On this date in 1971, President Richard Nixon declared the War on Drugs.
Your coffee wants an insurgency.

June 14
Albert II became the first monkey in space on this date in 1949.
Your coffee is terrified of flying monkeys.

June 13
On this date in 1888, the United States Congress established the Bureau that would later become the Department of Labor.
Your coffee wants a federally mandated coffee-break.

June 12
Karl Elsener received a patent for the knife that later became known as the Swiss Army Knife on this date in 1897.
Your coffee wants a replacement toothpick.

June 11
On this date in 1509, Henry VIII married his brother’s widow, Catherine of Aragon.
Your coffee can be dispensed without a dispensation.

June 10
Saab introduced its first automobile to the press on this date in 1947.
Your coffee loves a good Saab story!

June 7
On this date in 1892, Benjamin Harrison became the first U.S. President to attend a baseball game.
Your coffee can warm up even the coldest human iceberg.

June 6
Gladys Knight and the Pips became the last musical guests to appear on The Ed Sullivan Show on this date in 1971.
Your breakfast today includes your coffee and the toast of the town.

June 5
On this date in 1956, Elvis Presley debuted his single, “Hound Dog,” on The Milton Berle Show, shocking the audience with his swiveling hips.
Your coffee may have never caught a rabbit, but is a friend of yours!

June 4
Henry Ford completed and tested his first automobile, the Quadricycle, on this date in 1889.
Your coffee wants to transport you.

June 3
On this date in 1932, Lou Gehrig hit four consecutive home runs in a baseball game.
Your coffee wants to touch ’em all!