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What your coffee knew in September 2023

September 29
On this date in 1923, the first USA Outdoor Track and Field Championships for women were held.
Your coffee wants to bet on Sadie Hawkins to win the marathon.

September 28
The Brazilian Parliament passed a law granting freedom to all newborn children of slaves, and slaves of the state or crown, on this date in 1871.
Your coffee wants to be as free as a newborn babe.

September 27
On this date in 1590, Pope Urban VII died, making his 13-day papacy the shortest in history.
Your coffee is in favor of urban renewal.

September 26
The Bobby Ewing character returned from the dead on the season-opening episode of “Dallas” that aired on this date in 1986.
Your coffee wants to know who gave J.R. a shot of espresso.

September 25
Yom Kippur is today.
Your coffee hopes the day goes by fast.

September 22
Nathan Hale was hanged for spying during the American Revolution on this date in 1776.
Your coffee aspires to be well hung.

September 21
On this date in 1957, the TV series “Perry Mason” made its debut on the CBS television network.
Your coffee wants a Hamilton Burger and an order of fries.

September 20
U.S. President George W. Bush declared a “war on terror” on this date in 2001.
Your coffee wants to declare a war on metaphoric wars.

September 19
On this date in 2003, AOL Time Warner announced it was going to drop “AOL” from its name and be known as Time Warner Inc.
Your coffee wants to get rid of a huge stack of shiny coasters.

September 18
Joe Kittinger became the first man to complete a solo crossing of the Atlantic Ocean in a balloon on this date in 1984.
Your coffee wants to give you an uplifting experience.

September 15
On this date in 1997, the domain name was registered.
Your coffee wants to be the master of its own domain.

September 14
The U.S. Congress passed the Selective Training and Service Act on this date in 1940.
Your coffee feels a draft.

September 13
On this date in 1977, General Motors introduced its first diesel-powered automobiles.
Your coffee has high thermal efficiency.

September 12
The Newport Transporter Bridge opened in Newport, South Wales, on this date in 1906.
Your coffee wants to beam you up.

September 11
On this date in 1967, The Beatles’ self-produced movie, “Magical Mystery Tour,” began filming.
Your coffee is waiting to take you away, satisfaction guaranteed.

September 8
Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom died at Balmoral Castle in Scotland, ending her 70 year reign, on this date in 2022.
Your coffee wants a Pembroke Welsh Corgi.

September 7
On this date in 1630, the town of Boston in Massachusetts was incorporated.
Your coffee remembers when it was called Shawmut.

September 6
Boris Johnson resigned as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom on this date in 2022.
Your coffee thought Boris was Badenov, but subsequent Prime Ministers have proved to be even more Rocky.

September 5
On this date in 1960, Cassius Clay, later known as Muhammad Ali, won the gold medal in the light heavyweight boxing competition at the Olympic Games in Rome.
Your coffee wants to float like a butterfly.

September 4
The Western Roman Empire came to an end on this date in 476 AD.
Your coffee wants to ask Zeno to resolve a paradox.

September 1
On this date in 1970, the final episode of “I Dream of Jeannie” aired on NBC-TV.
Your coffee warns you not to blink or you’ll miss it.