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What your coffee knew in March 2016.

March 31
On this date in 1918, Daylight Saving Time went into effect in the United States for the first time.
Your coffee wants that hour back.

March 30
Batman was introduced in Detective Comics #27 on this date in 1939.
Your coffee wants a utility belt.

March 29
On this date in 1984, the Colts football team quietly left Baltimore for Indianapolis in the early morning hours.
Your coffee wants to call a quarterback sneak.

March 28
The TV movie “A Man Called Ironside,” starring Raymond Burr, was broadcast by NBC-TV on this date in 1967.
Your coffee wants to be delivered in a 1940 1½ ton Ford police paddy wagon van.

March 25
On this date in 1807, the Slave Trade Act abolishing the slave trade in the British Empire became law.
Your coffee wants to be Fair Trade.

March 24
Johann Sebastian Bach dedicated six concertos to Margrave Christian Ludwig of Brandenburg-Schwedt on this date in 1721.
Your coffee wants a cadenza, not just a Phrygian half cadence.

March 23
On this date in 1775, Patrick Henry proclaimed “Give me liberty, or give me death!”
Your coffee wants the first option.

March 22
The Beatles’ first album, “Please Please Me,” was released in the United Kingdom on this date in 1963.
Your coffee wants a comma after the first “Please.”

March 21
On this date in 1925, the Butler Act, outlawing the teaching of evolution in Tennessee, was signed by the governor.
Your coffee was naturally evolved but intelligently brewed.

March 18
The United States Congress removed the requirement that the nation’s currency be backed by a gold reserve on this date in 1968.
Your coffee wants a gold Double Eagle.

March 17
On this date in 2011, the Messenger probe became the first spacecraft to go into orbit around the planet Mercury.
Your coffee-maker is powered by a two-panel gallium arsenide/germanium solar array.

March 16
The settlers of Plymouth Colony were visited by an Abenaki named Samoset on this date in 1621.
Your coffee wants a beer.

March 15
On this date in 1906, Rolls-Royce Limited was incorporated.
Your coffee wants a water-cooled 1800 cc twin-cylinder engine with overhead inlet and side exhaust valves.

March 14
“The Mikado” received its first public performance in London on this date in 1885.
Your coffee wants the flowers that bloom in the spring, tra-la!

March 11
On this date in 1895, Shemp Howard was born.
Your coffee wants Moe better beans, Fine-ground and brewed so strong that it will Curly your hair.

March 10
Art Carney and Walter Matthau opened the Broadway run of “The Odd Couple” on this date in 1965.
Your coffee wants to hang out with Cecily and Gwendolyn Pigeon.

March 9
On this date in 1989, Eastern Air Lines filed for bankruptcy protection.
Your coffee wants to know if you would like coffee, tea, or an IOU as your inflight beverage.

March 8
The New York Stock Exchange was established on this date in 1817.
Your coffee wants to buy low, sell high.

March 7
On this date in 1955, Phyllis Diller made her stand-up comedy debut at the Purple Onion in San Francisco.
Your coffee wants to share a pastry with Fang.

March 4
The United States Congress passed the 11th Amendment to the Constitution on this date in 1794.
Your coffee enjoys sovereign immunity.

March 3
On this date in 1938, oil was discovered in Saudi Arabia.
Your coffee wants to be your favorite black liquid.

March 2
The movie “King Kong” opened at Radio City Music Hall in New York City on this date in 1933.
Your coffee wants you to scream, Ann, scream for your life!

March 1
On this date in 1872, the world’s first national park, Yellowstone, was established.
Your coffee wants to picnic in Jellystone Park.