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What your coffee knew in July 2013.

July 31
On this date in 1971, astronauts took the first drive in a lunar rover.
Your coffee wants a tubular aluminum cup-holder with nylon webbing.

July 30
The United States motto officially became “In God We Trust” on this date in 1956.
Your coffee still requires two forms of identification from everyone else.

July 29
On this date in 1958, President Eisenhower signed the legislation that created NASA.
Your coffee wants biscotti instead of Space Food Sticks.

July 26
The first reported women’s cricket match took place on this date in 1745.
Your coffee wants to bowl a leg-spin googly in Jimmy Choo pumps.

July 25
On this date in 1984, Svetlana Yevgenyevna Savitskaya became the first woman to take a space walk.
Your coffee wants a Handheld Maneuvering Unit.

July 24
Brigham Young led 148 Mormon pioneers into Salt Lake Valley on this date in 1847.
Your coffee wants a desalination plant.

July 23
On this date in 1886, Steve Brodie of New York claimed to have jumped off the Brooklyn Bridge.
Your coffee takes a brodie from carafe to cup every morning.

July 22
Today is actor Orson Bean’s 85th birthday.
Your coffee is a bean of a different flavor.

July 19
Marilyn Monroe had her first screen test on this date in 1946.
Your coffee is an irresistible brunette.

July 18
On this date in 1870, the First Vatican Council decreed the dogma of Papal Infallibility.
Your coffee infallibly gets the day off to a good start.

July 17
King George V proclaimed that Windsor would henceforth be the surname of male descendants of the British royal family on this date in 1917.
By any name, your coffee is a royal beverage.

July 16
On this date in 1965, the Mont Blanc tunnel that links Italy and France was opened.
Your coffee wants to fill a Mont Blanc pen with a blended French-Italian roast.

July 15
The first platypus in the United States arrived at the Bronx Zoo on this date in 1922.
Your coffee wants to see your duck face.

July 12
Today is comedian Bill Cosby’s 76th birthday.
Your coffee wants to wear an eye-catching sweater.

July 11
On this date in 2012, the discovery of Styx, the fifth known satellite of the dwarf planet Pluto was announced.
Your coffee may be stygian, but is piping hot.

July 10
Today is the birthday of Protestant theologian John Calvin, born in 1509.
Your coffee is predestined to be delicious and stimulating.

July 9
On this date in 1776, General George Washington ordered the Declaration of Independence read out loud to his troops in the Continental Army.
Your coffee wants an audio book.

July 8
The Space Shuttle Atlantis began the last mission in the U.S. Space Shuttle program on this date in 2011.
Your coffee wants an insulated mug coated with Reaction Cured Glass over silica fibers.

July 5
On this date in 2009, the largest hoard of Anglo-Saxon gold was discovered beneath a field near the village of Hammerwich in Staffordshire, England.
Your coffee wants a Millefiori stud.

July 4
Henry David Thoreau moved to Walden Pond on this date in 1845.
Your coffee matriculated with Mike Doonesbury and Zonker.

July 3
On this date in 1940, Bud Abbott and Lou Costello debuted their first radio show on NBC.
Your coffee knows Who’s on first.

July 2
President Lyndon Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act of 1964 on this date in (when else?) 1964.
Your coffee reserves the right to refuse to be served to John G. Roberts, Jr., Antonin Scalia, Anthony M. Kennedy, Clarence Thomas, and Samuel A. Alito Jr.

July 1
On this date in 1903, the first Tour de France bicycle race began.
Your coffee is brewed in twenty-one stages.