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What your coffee knew in March 2015.

March 31
On this date in 1854, Commodore Matthew Perry signed the Treaty of Kanagawa with the Japanese government, opening two ports in Japan to American trade.
Your coffee wants to hang out at Central Perk with him and Courtney Cox.

March 30
Dr. Crawford Long became the first surgeon to use ether as an anesthetic for a surgical operation on this date in 1842.
Your coffee wants to induce an emergence event.

March 27
On this date in 1958, Nikita Khrushchev became the Premiere of the Soviet Union.
Your coffee wants to go to Disneyland!

March 26
The United Kingdom introduced the driving test on this date in 1934.
Your coffee wants to make a left turn on a red light.

March 25
On this date in 1655, Saturn’s largest moon, Titan, was discovered by Christiaan Huygens.
Your coffee never wants to leave a ring.

March 24
Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 was discovered on this date in 1994.
Your coffee can make a big impact on your day.

March 23
On this date in 1857, the first elevator designed by Elisha Otis was installed in New York.
Your coffee wants to give you a lift.

March 20
Albert Einstein published his General Theory of Relativity on this date in 1916.
Your coffee remains uncertain about how to reconcile general relativity with the laws of quantum physics (but knows a cat that might — or might not — shed some light on the matter).

March 19
On this date in 1987, televangelist Jim Bakker resigned as head of the PTL Club following a sex scandal.
Your coffee wants to ride the Typhoon at Heritage USA.

March 18
The largest art theft in U.S. history, the theft of thirteen works of art from Boston’s Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, took place on this date in 1990.
Your coffee wants to attend “The Concert” with “A Lady and Gentleman in Black.”

March 17
On this date in 1941, President Roosevelt officially opened the National Gallery of Art.
Your coffee wants to be served al fresco in the sculpture garden.

March 16
Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter was first published on this date in 1850.
Your coffee gives it an “A.”

March 13
On this date in 2012, Encyclopædia Britannica announced the end of its print edition.
Your coffee wants to look up “Micropædia” in the Macropædia.

March 12
The Girl Guides, known now as the Girl Scouts of the USA, was founded on this date in 1912.
Your coffee prefers Samoas to Thin Mints.

March 11
On this date in 1959, Lorraine Hansbury’s “A Raisin in the Sun” opened at New York’s Ethel Barrymore Theater.
Your coffee wants a raisin and walnut scone.

March 10
The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter entered orbit around Mars on this date in 2006.
Your coffee wants to aerobrake with an AeroPress.

March 9
On this date in 1918, crime novelist Mickey Spillane was born.
Your coffee wants to get hammered.

March 6
Svetlana Alliluyeva, Joseph Stalin’s daughter, defected to the United States on this date in 1967.
Your coffee has no defects.

March 5
On this date in 1960, Alberto Korda took the photograph of Che Guevara known as “Guerrillero Heroico”.
Your coffee wants to be a part of the universal system of the revolutionary struggle.

March 4
Frances Perkins, upon taking office as Secretary of Labor on this date in 1933, became the first woman to serve in the United States Cabinet.
Your coffee wants a paid break every two hours.

March 3
On this date in 1951, Rocket “88”, considered by many to be the first rock and roll record, was recorded in Memphis.
Your coffee perks up at the “Cadillac Boogie.”

March 2
Compact discs and compact disc players went on sale in the United States for the first time on this date in 1983.
Your coffee wants to read a red book.