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What your coffee knew in February 2016.

February 29
Hattie McDaniel became the first African-American to win an Academy Award on this date in 1940.
Your coffee wants a gold statuette and an intro by Chris Rock.

February 26
On this date in 1995, the United Kingdom’s oldest investment banking institute, Barings Bank, collapsed after one of its investment brokers lost $1.4 billion dollars through speculation.
Your coffee wants to speculate on bean futures.

February 25
The Warsaw Pact was officially disbanded on this date in 1991.
Your coffee wants to offer you friendship, co-operation, and mutual assistance.

February 24
On this date in 1809, London’s Drury Lane Theatre burned to the ground, bankrupting playwright-owner Richard Brinsley Sheridan.
Your coffee had tickets to a road-show engagement of “Moose Murders” there.

February 23
ISO, the International Organization for Standardization, was founded on this date in 1947.
Your coffee wants to be ISO 9000 compliant.

February 22
On this date in 1983, the Broadway play “Moose Murders” opened and closed on the same night.
Your coffee wants to get squirrel.

February 19
Polish mathematician and astronomer, Nicolaus Copernicus, was born on this date in 1473.
Your coffee wants to be at the center of your daily motions.

February 18
On this date in 1970, the Chicago Seven were acquitted on charges of conspiracy to disrupt the 1968 Democratic Convention.
Your coffee was thrown for a Loop.

February 17
Robert K. Preston stole a helicopter, which he landed on the White House lawn, on this date in 1974.
Your coffee wants a United States Army Bell UH-1 Iroquois.

February 16
On this date in 1957, the British television “Toddlers’ Truce” was abolished.
Your coffee wants a TV dinner.

February 15
President Hayes signed a bill permitting women to argue cases before the U.S. Supreme Court on this date in 1879.
Your coffee wants a writ of Womandamus.

February 12
On this date in 1963, construction of the Gateway Arch in St. Louis began.
Your coffee wants season tickets for the St. Louis Rams…oh, wait…

February 11
The first science fiction television broadcast took place on the BBC on this date in 1938.
Your coffee wants to control the horizontal and the vertical.

February 10
On this date in 1962, convicted Soviet spy Rudolf Abel was exchanged for captured U2 spy-plane pilot Francis Gary Powers.
Your coffee wants an Oscar nomination and a free U2 album.

February 9
The first college basketball game was played on this date in 1895.
Your coffee wants a three-point shot of espresso.

February 8
On this date in 1978, the U.S. Senate broadcast its proceedings on radio for the first time.
Your coffee wants to call the request hotline and have them play “Free Bird.”

February 5
The Royal Greenwich Observatory began broadcasting its hourly time signals on this date in 1924.
Your coffee wants an Apple Watch.

February 4
On this date in 1957, Smith-Corona began selling the first portable electric typewriters.
Your coffee wants to run a tab.

February 3
The first paper currency in the Americas was issued in the Province of Massachusetts Bay on this date in 1690.
Your coffee wants a tip.

February 2
On this date in 1914, Charlie Chaplin made his first film appearance in “Making a Living.”
Your coffee wants a close-up.

February 1
“I Want to Hold Your Hand” became The Beatles’ first number one hit in the United States on this date in 1964.
Your coffee wants to tell you something it thinks you’ll understand.