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What your coffee knew in January 2018.

January 31
On this date in 1949, NBC broadcast the first daytime television soap opera, “These Are My Children”.
Your coffee wants to watch it on radio.

January 30
Peter Leko became the youngest person to become a chess grandmaster on this date in 1994.
Your coffee wants to play black.

January 29
On this date in 1958, Joanne Woodward and Paul Newman were married.
Your coffee wants a package of Newman-O’s.

January 26
Engineer John Logie Baird demonstrated the first working television system on this date in 1926.
Your coffee wants to watch an episode of “Judy Splinters” starring Shirley Dinsdale.

January 25
On this date in 1949, the first Emmy Awards were presented.
Your coffee wants to spend some time on the treadmill after the ceremony.

January 24
The United States Supreme Court declared the federal income tax constitutional on this date in 1916.
Your coffee wants the tax revenues apportioned to the states according to coffee consumption.

January 23
On this date in 1957, Walter Frederick Morrison sold the rights to his flying disc to the Wham-O toy company.
Your coffee says that a flat flip flies straight.

January 22
Thornton Wilder’s play “Our Town” was first performed on this date in 1938.
Your coffee wants to open a café in Grover’s Corner, New Hampshire.

January 19
On this date in 1953, almost 72% of U.S. households with televisions watched the T.V. character Lucy Ricardo give birth on an episode of “I Love Lucy.”
Your coffee wanted a girl.

January 18
Willie O’Ree became the first black National Hockey League player on this date in 1958.
Your coffee wants a power play and an eyepatch.

January 17
On this date in 1917, the United States ratified a treaty to pay Denmark $25 million for the Virgin Islands.
Your coffee wants the right to vote and a complimentary danish.

January 16
The Scottish Parliament ratified the Union with England Act on this date in 1707.
Your coffee wants to know if they’re having second thoughts.

January 15
On this date in 1974, the television show “Happy Days” debuted.
Your coffee loves Joanie but has its doubts about Chachi.

January 12
The Royal Aeronautical Society was founded in London on this date in 1866.
Your coffee wants an AeroPress.

January 11
On this date in 1973, Major League Baseball owners approved the designated hitter position for American League teams.
Your coffee wants to revoke Rule 5.11 for the love of the game.

January 10
The first steamboat to navigate the Ohio and Mississippi rivers arrived in New Orleans on this date in 1812.
Your coffee wants a single cylinder, low pressure steeple engine.

January 9
On this date in 1799, British Prime Minister William Pitt the Younger introduced the first modern income tax.
Your coffee wants to transfer its 401K to an offshore account in the British Virgin Islands.

January 8
The Democratic Party of the United States was organized on this date in 1828.
Your coffee wants to know if it has ever been organized since.

January 5
On this date in 1953, Samuel Beckett’s play “Waiting for Godot” was first performed.
Your coffee feels Lucky.

January 4
President Richard Nixon refused to hand over tape recordings and other documents subpoenaed by the Senate Watergate Committee on this date in 1974.
Your coffee wants *expletive deleted*

January 3
On this date in 1870, the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge began.
Your coffee wants to sell you…oh, you already have one? Never mind.

January 2
The British Institution of Civil Engineers was founded on this date in 1818.
Your coffee wants no rude engineers.

January 1
On this date in 1983, the ARPANET officially began using the Internet Protocol.
Your coffee wants a 128-bit address.