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What your coffee knew in June 2011.

June 30
Einstein submitted his paper, “Zur Elektrodynamik bewegter Körper,” in which he first described special relativity, on this date in 1905.
Your coffee does not have a property of absolute rest.

June 29
On this date in 1956, the United States Interstate Highway System was officially created.
Your coffee is looking for the turnoff to Radiator Springs.

June 28
Adolphe Sax patented the saxophone in Paris, France, on this date in 1846.
Your coffee wants a brewer with a conical bore.

June 27
On this date in 1959, the original Broadway production of “West Side Story” closed after 734 performances.
Your coffee feels pretty, oh, so pretty.

June 24
The longest match in professional tennis history, the Wimbledon Championship tennis match between John Isner and Nicolas Mahut, ended on this date in 2010.
Your coffee never faults on a serve.

June 23
Author Thomas Mann became a United States citizen on this date in 1944.
Your coffee was grown on a magic mountain.

June 22
On this date in 2009, Eastman Kodak Company announced that sales of Kodachrome Color Film would be discontinued.
Your coffee makes you think all the world’s a sunny day.

June 21
Upon ratification by New Hampshire, the United States Constitution went into effect on this date in 1788.
Your coffee insures domestic tranquility and promotes the general welfare.

June 20
The U.S. Congress adopted the Great Seal of the United States on this date in 1782.
Your coffee’s escutcheon obeys the heraldic rules of tincture.

June 17
On this date in 1901, the College Board issued the first of their tests.
Your coffee is
A) An arabica varietal
B) A decoction with stimulating effects
C) A corporate logo with a penchant for historical trivia
D) All of the above

June 16
The movie “The Blues Brothers” opened in Chicago, Illinois, on this date in 1980.
Your coffee lives in fear of Sister Mary Stigmata.

June 15
On this date in 1992, U.S. Vice President Dan Quayle told a student that "potato" was spelled with an "e" at the end.
Your coffee wants a spellinge checkere.

June 14
American clergyman Rev. Elijah Craig first distilled whiskey from maize on this date in 1789.
Your coffee is a Jack Daniel’s Old #7 Gourmet Roast.

June 13
The U.S. Post Office ruled on this day in 1920 that children could not be mailed via parcel post.
Your coffee wants a certificate of delivery.

June 10
The last first-run episode of “Twin Peaks” aired on this date in 1991.
Your coffee is a DAMN fine cup of coffee.

June 9
On this date in 1860, the first dime novel, Malaeska, the Indian Wife of the White Hunter by Mrs. Ann Stevens, was published.
Your coffee downloaded it from the iBookstore.

June 8
Today is Tim Berners-Lee’s birthday.
Your coffee has a URL but wants a TLD.

June 7
Sony introduced the Betamax videocassette recorder for public sale on this date in 1975.
Your coffee saw a streaming hi-def documentary about it on YouTube.

June 6
On this date in 2005, the United States Supreme Court held that federal anti-marijuana laws override state medical marijuana laws.
Your coffee is confused: why do they call it the “High” Court?

June 3
The New York Knickerbockers became the first baseball team to wear uniforms on this date in 1851.
Your coffee only wears a cup.

June 2
On this date in 1925, Lou Gehrig appeared in the first of the 2,130 consecutive professional baseball games that he played for the New York Yankees.
Your coffee knows who’s on first.

June 1
General Motors filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on this date in 2009.
Your coffee wants to forgive your sleep debt.