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What your coffee knew in August 2007.

August 31
Kyrgyzstan declared its independence from the U.S.S.R on this day in 1991.
Your coffee would like to buy a vowel.

August 30
Today is cartoonist Robert Crumb's birthday.
Your coffee keeps on truckin'.

August 29
On this day in 1831, Michael Faraday discovered electromagnetic induction.
Electromagnetic induction makes your coffee so hot. . . .

August 28
The Marvelettes' hit single, "Please Mr. Postman," was released on this day in 1961.
Mr. Barista look and see, if there's some coffee in the urn for me.

August 27
On this day in 1859, the first successful oil well was dug in Titusville, Pennsylvania.
Your coffee is sweet and light, but not crude.

August 24
Thomas Edison patented the motion picture camera on this day in 1891.
Your coffee is ready for its close-up.

August 23
On this day in 1958, "Knighty Knight Bugs," Bugs Bunny's only Oscar-winning cartoon, was released.
Sir Osis of Liver likes a shot of whiskey in his coffee.

August 22
Today is Ray Bradbury's birthday.
If your coffee reaches Fahrenheit 451, add a little milk.

August 21
On this day in 1959, President Eisenhower signed the executive order proclaiming Hawaii the fiftieth state in the United States.
Have a macadamia-nut cookie with a cup of Kona coffee.

August 20
On this day in 1969, the Beatles held their last recording session together.
And in the end, the love you take is equal to the coffee you make.

August 17
On this day in 1998, President Clinton publicly admitted his affair with Monica Lewinsky.
Those stains on that blue dress? Not coffee.

August 16
Automotive executive John De Lorean was acquitted of eight counts of cocaine possession on this day in 1984.
Your coffee wants a flux capacitor.

August 15
Macbeth killed Duncan on this day in 1040.
Double, double, toil and trouble; fire burn and coffee bubble.

August 14
Today is John Henry "Doc" Holliday's birthday.
Your coffee recommends you stay away from dentists who wear side-arms.

August 13
On this day in 1918, Opha Mae Johnson became the first woman to enlist in the U.S. Marine Corps.
Your coffee wants you to drop and give it twenty.

August 10
Yuri Malenchenko became the first person to be married in space on this day in 2003.
Your coffee is afraid to fly.

August 9
Today is "Mary Poppins" author P.L. Travers' birthday.
Your coffee is practically perfect in every way.

August 8
The Beatles' album Revolver was released in the United States on this day in 1966.
Your coffee just got the joke.

August 7
The Whiskey Rebellion began in Pennsylvania on this day in 1794.
Your coffee, on the other hand, is a peaceful beverage.

August 6
On this day in 1997, Microsoft invested $150 million in Apple Computer.
Your coffee owns several tea plantations.

August 3
On this day in 1958, the nuclear submarine USS Nautilus reached the North Pole by traveling under the Arctic ice cap.
Your coffee is looking for Captain Nemo.

August 2
The Marihuana Tax Act was passed on this day in 1937.
Your coffee has a tax exemption.

August 1
Today is Herman Melville's birthday.
A good cup of coffee is no fluke.