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What your coffee knew in January 2011.

January 31
“The Green Hornet” radio show debuted on this date in 1936.
Your coffee is a black beauty.

January 28
On this date in 1521, the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V began the Diet of Worms.
Your coffee even goes well with a serving of Klingon gagh.

January 27
Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveiled a new product that he called an “iPad” on this date in 2010.
Your coffee still cannot be downloaded from the App Store.

January 26
On this date in 2004, a whale exploded in the town of Tainan, Taiwan.
Your coffee hopes that no one was krilled.

January 25
The United Mine Workers of America was founded on this date in 1890.
Your coffee can dig it.

January 24
On this date in 1986, the Voyager 2 space probe flew past Uranus.
Your coffee prefers that to a probe flying into Uranus!

January 21
The first American novel, The Power of Sympathy or the Triumph of Nature Founded in Truth, by William Hill Brown, was printed in Boston, Massachusetts, on this date in 1789.
Your coffee is a triumph of nature in a ceramic mug.

January 20
The American Civil Liberties Union was founded on this date in 1920.
Your coffee is a card-carrying member—of the Boca Java Coffee Club.

January 19
On this date in 1935, Coopers, Inc., sold the world’s first men’s briefs.
Your coffee is jockeying for position.

January 18
Louis Armstrong and his orchestra recorded “Jeepers Creepers” on this date in 1939.
Your coffee wants to know where you got those peepers.

January 17
On this date in 1773, Captain James Cook and his crew became the first Europeans to sail south of the Antarctic Circle.
Your coffee wants an Emperor Penguin souvenir mug.

January 14
The “Today Show” premiered on NBC on this date in 1952.
Your coffee wants J. Fred Muggs’ autograph.

January 13
On this date in 1854, Anthony Faas received a patent for “certain new and useful Improvements in Accordions.”
Your coffee wants to busk.

January 12
A radio broadcast was first made from the top of the Eiffel Tower on this date in 1908.
Your coffee wants to know who Semolina Pilchard is.

January 11
On this date in 1974, the ABC television network broadcast the final new episode of “Love, American Style.”
Your coffee is truer than the red, white, and blue.

January 10
The PBS premiere of “Masterpiece Theatre,” hosted by Alistair Cooke, took place on this date in 1971.
Your coffee is served both upstairs and downstairs.

January 7
On this date in 1954, the first public demonstration of a machine-translation system was held.
Votre café veut un traducteur universel.

January 6
e. e. cummings won the Bollingen Prize for Poetry on this date in 1958.
Your coffee wants a Shift key.

January 5
On this date in 2005, Eris, the largest known dwarf planet in the solar system, was discovered.
Your coffee wants peaberry espresso served in a demitasse.

January 4
Rose Heilbron became the first female judge to sit at the Old Bailey in London on this date in 1972.
Your coffee wants some Baileys Irish Cream.

January 3
On this date in 1957, the Hamilton Watch Company introduced the first electric watch.
Your coffee wants a longer extension cord.