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What your coffee knew in August 2016.

August 31
On this date in 1776, William Livingston, the first Governor of New Jersey, began serving his first term.
Your coffee wants to close a bridge.

August 30
The Moscow-Washington hotline, established to reduce the risk of accidental nuclear war, became operational on this date in 1963.
Your coffee wants a hot plate.

August 29
On this date in 1958, the United States Air Force Academy opened in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
Your coffee wants to go off into the wild blue yonder.

August 26
A papal enclave elected Albino Luciani as Pope John Paul I on this date in 1978.
Your coffee wants to know what happened to Pope George Ringo I.

August 25
On this date in 1949, “Father Knows Best” made its debut on radio.
Your coffee thinks Bud is a princess, Kitten.

August 24
Captain Matthew Webb became the first person to swim the English Channel on this date in 1875.
Your coffee wants a pool noodle.

August 23
On this date in 1991, Tim Berners-Lee opened the World Wide Web to new users.
Your coffee wants a top-level domain.

August 22
President Theodore Roosevelt became the first president to publicly ride in an automobile on this date in 1902.
Your coffee wants an airbag.

August 19
On this date in 1909, the first automobile race at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway was held.
Your coffee feels the need for speed.

August 18
James Meredith became the first African-American to graduate from the University of Mississippi on this date in 1963.
Your coffee believes it is better to matriculate than never.

August 17
On this date in 2008, swimmer Michael Phelps became the first person to win eight gold medals in a single Olympic Games.
Your coffee calls him Flipper, Flipper, faster than lightning! 🎶

August 16
A solar flare halted trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange on this date in 1989.
Your coffee wants a cupholder in a Faraday cage.

August 15
On this date in 1914, the first official transit of a ship through the Panama Canal took place.
Your coffee has a lock on it.

August 12
A 232-day-long strike by Major League baseball players began on this date in 1994.
Your coffee wants an intentional walkout.

August 11
On this date in 2015, all fifteen home baseball teams won their games.
Your coffee wants home field advantage.

August 10
The Society for American Baseball Research was founded in Cooperstown, New York, on this date in 1971.
Your coffee wants to explore the flight dynamics of a four-seam hadron particle.

August 9
On this date in 1173, construction began on the campanile of the Cathedral of Pisa.
Your coffee wants to lean in.

August 8
Actor Dustin Hoffman was born on this date in 1937.
Your coffee thinks you’re trying to seduce me, Mrs. Robinson.

August 5
On this date in 1969, the Mariner 7 space probe made its closest approach to Mars.
Your coffee wants a brewer with a 4-vane vector control nozzle.

August 4
English Romantic poet Percy Bysshe Shelley was born on this date in 1792.
Your coffee wants to read “The Revolt of Islam.”

August 3
On this date in 1852, Harvard defeated Yale in the first Harvard-Yale Regatta.
Your coffee wants to be served in the Sexton Cup.

August 2
The first United States census began on this date in 1790.
Your coffee wants to stand up and be enumerated.

August 1
On this date in 1980, President Vigdís Finnbogadóttir of Iceland became the world’s first democratically elected female head of state.
Your coffee wants to learn how to pronounce Eyjafjallajökull.