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What your coffee knew in January 2010.

January 29
The reign of Queen Liliuokalani of Hawaii began on this date in 1891.
Your coffee reigns when it pours.

January 28
On this date in 1953, J. Fred Muggs, a chimpanzee, became a co-star on NBC’s “Today Show.”
Your coffee is amazed at how little things have changed at NBC.

January 27
On this day in 1926, John Baird of Scotland gave the first public demonstration of television.
Your coffee records all of its programs on Scotch tape.

January 26
The banking system and the government of Iceland collapsed on this date in 2009.
Your coffee prefers cold cash to frozen assets.

January 25
On this day in 1799, Eliakim Spooner of Vermont patented the first seeding machine.
Your coffee believes that spooning and seeding are two separate activities.

January 22
Kmart Corporation filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on this date in 2002.
Your coffee is a blue-light special.

January 21
On this date in 1954, the first nuclear-powered submarine, the U.S.S. Nautilus, was launched.
You can heat a lot of coffee with a pressurized water reactor.

January 20
Actor DeForest Kelley was born on this date in 1920.
Damn it, Jim, I’m a delicious caffeinated beverage, not a doctor!

January 19
On this date in 1983, Apple Computer introduced the Lisa.
Your coffee wants a twiggy drive.

January 18
Captain James Cook became the first European to visit the Hawaiian Islands on this date in 1778.
Your coffee feels right at home.

January 15
On this date in 1967, the first Super Bowl was played.
Your coffee enjoys the commercials and the wardrobe malfunctions.

January 14
The Huygens probe landed on Saturn’s moon Titan on this date in 2005.
Your coffee wants an aerosol collector and pyrolyser.

January 13
On this date in 2002, U.S. President George W. Bush fainted after choking on a pretzel.
Your coffee admires the versatility of pretzels.

January 12
The wartime U.S. Office of Price Administration announced that hot dogs would be replaced with “Victory Sausages” on this date in 1943.
Your coffee wants a Victory Doughnut.

January 11
On this day in 1878, milk was first delivered in bottles.
Your coffee doesn’t need any milk today, thank you!

January 8
AT&T agreed to divest itself of twenty-two subdivisions on this date in 1982.
Your coffee wants more bars in more places.

January 7
On this date in 1598, Boris Gudunov became Czar of Russia.
Your coffee wants a date with Natasha Fatale.

January 6
The first Montessori school opened on this date in 1907.
Your coffee is a sensorial material.

January 5
On this date in 1933, construction began on the Golden Gate Bridge.
Your coffee resists aeroelastic flutter.

January 4
The Fabian Society was founded in London on this date in 1884.
Your coffee can’t stop humming “Turn Me Loose.”

January 1
On this date in 1898, the city of Brooklyn became a burough of New York City.
Your coffee has a bridge that it wants to sell you.