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What your coffee knew in May 2023

May 31
Senator Bob Dole accused Time Warner for the “marketing of evil” in movies and music on this date in 1995.
Your coffee wants to quench an immoral thirst for profits with a rich and stimulating brew.

May 30
On this date in 1896, the first reported automobile accident in New York City occurred.
Your coffee wants you to drink and drive responsibly.

May 29
Sojourner Truth delivered her famous “Ain’t I A Woman?” speech at the Woman’s Rights Convention in Akron, Ohio, on this date in 1851.
Your coffee wants to fill your pint.

May 26
On this date in 1868, U.S. President Andrew Johnson was acquitted in his Senate impeachment trial by one vote.
Your coffee wants to fire you up.

May 25
Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor, issued the Edict of Worms on this date in 1521.
Your coffee wants a proclamation of garden pests.

May 24
On this date in 1683, the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford, England, opened as Britain’s first public museum.
Your coffee wants a cabinet of fine bone china coffee cups.

May 23
Heinrich Himmler, head of the SS, committed suicide while in Allied custody on this date in 1945.
Your coffee does not need to see his papers.

May 22
On this date in 1892, Washington Sheffield invented the toothpaste tube.
Your coffee wants an effective decay-preventing dentifrice which can be of significant value when used in conscientiously applied program of oral hygiene and regular professional care.

May 19
The first frog-jumping jubilee to be held in Calaveras County, California, took place on this date in 1928.
Your coffee wants to help you get a jump on your day.

May 18
On this date in 1969, Apollo 10, the second human-crewed spacecraft to orbit the Moon, was launched.
Your coffee wants to wish Charlie Brown and Snoopy godspeed!

May 17
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, by L. Frank Baum, was first published in the United States on this date in 1900.
Your coffee wants to ride a horse of a different color.

May 16
On this date in 1770, 14-year-old Marie Antoinette married 15-year-old Louis-Auguste.
Your coffee suggests that you give your guests bread and avoid offering them cake.

May 15
Richard Nixon appointed the first two female U.S. Army generals on this date in 1970.
Your coffee generally directs you to nurse your morning libation.

May 12
On this date in 2002, Jimmy Carter became the first U.S. President, in or out of office, to visit Cuba since the 1959 revolution.
Your coffee wants to be served in a habitat for humanity.

May 11
India’s population officially reached 1 billion on this date in 2000.
Your coffee wants an extra order of papadams.

May 10
On this date in 1940, Winston Churchill was appointed Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, replacing Neville Chamberlain.
Your coffee wants wants to be brewed with purified water rather than blood, sweat, and tears.

May 9
Jim Gentile of the Baltimore Orioles hit grand-slam home runs in two consecutive innings on this date in 1961.
Your coffee wants identical, not fraternal, dingers.

May 8
On this date in 1970, the Beatles released their final studio album, “Let It Be.”
Your coffee wants the one after 909.

May 5
In Washington, Georgia, on this date in 1865, the Confederate government was declared dissolved.
Your coffee wants to give you a peaceful morning.

May 4
The first self-driving vehicle license in the United States was issued in Nevada on this date in 2012.
Your coffee wants a depersonalized license plate.

May 3
On this date in 1913, “Raja Harishchandra” became the first full-length Indian film to be theatrically released.
Your coffee believes that good acting means never having to say you’re sari.

May 2
Diane Crump became the first female jockey to ride in the Kentucky Derby on this date in 1970.
Your coffee wants a daily double espresso.

May 1
On this date in 1941, the movie “Citizen Kane” debuted in New York City.
Your coffee predicts rough sledding for its writer-director-star.