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What your coffee knew in September 2007.

September 28
The first episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation was telecast on this day in 1987.
Your coffee still has its doubts about a tea-drinking captain.

September 27
Richard Stallman announced the GNU Project in 1983 on this date.
Your coffee prefers non-recursive acronyms.

September 26
Johnny Appleseed (a.k.a. John Chapman) was born on this date in 1774.
Your coffee honors his less-famous cousin, Jimmy Peaberry.

September 25
The band U2 formed on this day in 1976.
Your coffee is watching a rerun of One Tree Hill.

September 24
In 1906 on this date, President Theodore Roosevelt proclaimed Devils Tower in Wyoming as the first National Monument.
Your coffee is having a close encounter.

September 21
Yom Kippur starts at sunset tonight.
Your coffee has nothing to atone for.

September 20
Today is the birthday of animator Jay Ward.
First we get moose. Then we get coffee. . . .

September 19
In New York on this day in 1981, Simon and Garfunkel reunited for a free concert in Central Park.
Your coffee is feelin' groovy.

September 18
In 1977 on this day, the Voyager 1 spacecraft took the first picture of the Earth and the Moon together.
Hey! Your coffee can see your house from here!

September 17
Boston, Massachusetts, was founded on this day in 1630.
Your coffee wonders why there was never a Boston Coffee Party.

September 14
On this day in 1886, the typewriter ribbon was patented by George Anderson of Memphis, Tennessee.
Your coffee has black fingers.

September 13
Henry Bliss became the first person in the United States to die in an auto accident on this date in 1899.
Your coffee ponders the irony of surnames.

September 12
In 1940 on this day, cave paintings were discovered in Lascaux, France.
Your coffee would like to ride an aurochs.

September 11
Construction began on the Pentagon on this date in 1941.
Your coffee believes that every argument has five sides.

September 10
Today is the birthday of baseball pitcher Randy ("The Big Unit") Johnson.
Your coffee doesn't understand why you're snickering.

September 7
On this day in 1998, Larry Page and Sergey Brin incorporated Google.
Your coffee wishes there were some way to search for facts like this on the Internet.

September 6
Canada's first television station began broadcasting fifty-five years ago on this date.
Your coffee wants to change the channel, eh?

September 5
On this day in 1698, Peter I of Russia imposed a tax on beards.
Your coffee has a latte mustache.

September 4
The Ford Motor Company rolled out the Edsel on this day in 1957.
Your coffee drives an Aston-Martin DB5.

September 3
On this day in 1976, the Viking 2 lander touched down at Utopia Planitia on Mars.
Your coffee mug wants an ablative heat shield.