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What your coffee knew in July 2010.

July 30
On this date in 1930, Uruguay won the first World Football Cup.
Your coffee had an octopus that predicted the victory.

July 29
Astronomers announced the discovery of Eris, a planet orbiting the Sun that is larger than Pluto, on this date in 2005.
Your coffee wanted to name it “Xena.”

July 28
In this date in 1586, astronomer and mathematician Thomas Harriot introduced the potato to Great Britain and Ireland.
Your coffee wants a side of fries. Chips. Whatever.

July 27
The de Havilland Comet, the first jet airliner, made its initial flight on this date in 1949.
Your coffee rules the beverage cart.

July 26
On this date in 1963, Syncom 2, the first geosynchronous communications satellite, was launched.
Your coffee is a great way to start your sidereal day.

July 23
The International Whaling Commission issued a moratorium on commercial whaling on this date in 1982.
Your coffee wants you to stop your blubbering.

July 22
Today is the birthday of United States politician Bob Dole.
Your coffee is not what keeps Bob Dole up.

July 21
The final book in the Harry Potter series was released on this date in 2007.
Your coffee wants a butterbeer.

July 20
On this date in 2005, Canada legalized same-sex marriage.
Your coffee is a warm and stimulating domestic partner.

July 19
The Richard Nixon Library opened in Yorba Linda, California, on this date in 1990.
Your coffee takes 18½ minutes to brew.

July 16
On this date in 1945, the first atomic bomb was detonated.
Your coffee wants a lead-lined carafe.

July 15
French chemist Hippolyte Mège-Mouriés patented margarine on this date in 1869.
Your coffee easily can believe it’s not butter.

July 14
On this date in 2003, the United States government finally admitted to the existence of Area 51.
Your coffee wants a top-level security clearance.

July 13
The famous Hollywood sign in Los Angeles was dedicated on this date in 1923.
Your coffee is a shimmering, glowing star in the cinema firmament.

July 12
On this date in 1962, The Rolling Stones performed their first concert.
Your coffee can start you up, and you’ll never stop.

July 9
Daredevil Danny Way jumped a skateboard over the Great Wall of China on this date in 2005.
Your coffee likes to ride fakie.

July 8
On this date in 1889, the first edition of the Wall Street Journal was published.
Your coffee only reads it for the funnies.

July 7
Joan of Arc was acquitted of the charge of heresy, twenty-five years after she was burned alive at the stake, on this date in 1456.
Your coffee says, “Oh, well. Bygones.”

July 6
On this date in 1919, the British dirigible R34 became the first airship to cross the Atlantic.
Your coffee is a lighter-than-air roast.

July 5
Dolly the sheep, the first cloned mammal, was born on this date in 1996.
Your coffee is inimitable.

July 2
On this date in 1962, the first Wal-Mart store opened.
Your coffee wears a blue vest.

July 1
Automatic federal income tax withholding from paychecks began in the United States on this date in 1943.
Your coffee never withholds its rich aroma and satisfying flavor.