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New Year’s Morning

We climb from the solstice Into clean cold light, Shedding tarnished tinsel ashes, Wearing hueless haze, Awaiting the staining colors Of the next march of days.

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Carols of Bad Behavior

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, featuring the omnipresent background soundtrack of holiday carols that, from sheer repetition, leads me willy-nilly to generate parodic mockeries. Here are three: 🎵“Good King Wenceslas got high On coke and pot and … Continue reading

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Alternative Captions and the Holidays

Many years ago, when I first visited my future in-laws over the holidays, I saw that they had set up a small crèche as one of their holiday decorations. I may (or may not) have scandalized them by remarking, “It … Continue reading

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Standard Time

Time, as we clock it,Falls back this week:And the hour handAs it retreatsPulls the dawn with it.Yes, day will come sooner—but its early lightPortends the coming of an earlier night.

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L.A. Autumn

The L.A. autumn dances in, Santa Ana in one hand, fogbank in the other, Bewildering immigrant trees whose forebears Had grown in climes more orderly, Where seasons stepped in stately grace And not in helter-skelter leaps, pliés, and pirouettes, Where … Continue reading

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A Sketchy Card for a Sketchy Year

On those occasions when I draw a new cartoon, I spend a lot of time coloring, shading, and cleaning up the lines. For my 2020 holiday card, I liked the rough sketch enough (or was lazy enough) to share it … Continue reading

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Boxing Day 2020

Boxing Day decorations are among the most unattractive of the holiday decorations…

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The Kugel Joke

[I have heard this joke told a number of times. It is in essence a “shaggy dog” story, a long meandering narrative that is more fun in the telling, in how long one can spin it out and in which … Continue reading

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Turning and turning

And what rough beast, its hour come round at last, Slouches towards Apple Park to be born?

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Amusements for Insomniacs

I happened to be awake just before 2AM this morning, so I put on my Apple Watch and watched to see what happened when 2AM rolled around and Daylight Saving Time ended. At exactly 2, as the second hand passed … Continue reading

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