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A Sketchy Card for a Sketchy Year

On those occasions when I draw a new cartoon, I spend a lot of time coloring, shading, and cleaning up the lines. For my 2020 holiday card, I liked the rough sketch enough (or was lazy enough) to share it … Continue reading

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Boxing Day 2020

Boxing Day decorations are among the most unattractive of the holiday decorations…

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The Kugel Joke

[I have heard this joke told a number of times. It is in essence a “shaggy dog” story, a long meandering narrative that is more fun in the telling, in how long one can spin it out and in which … Continue reading

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A Poem

I have a big problem: It’s that I’m a Jew— A Jew that loves bacon And sausages too! And butterfly shrimp, And scallops in butter, And a bacon cheeseburger Makes my heart go aflutter! I’m my rabbi’s despair, And my … Continue reading

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Rush Explains It All

He may be exaggerating the size of the circle for comedic effect.

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Saturday Night Double-Feature

Last night, I skipped Santa Monica’s yearly not-the-Fourth-of-July fireworks show, and, instead, watched two very bad movies on cable. Or parts of them. One was “Going the Distance” with Justin (“I’m a Mac, and no matter what I do for … Continue reading

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A haiku

I think I’m in love. Of course, it could just be gas. Or it could be both.

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The Day I Switched to Windows

I soon realized that it wasn’t a good look for me:

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I’ll Drink to That!

On the side of a local watering hole.

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