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Carols of Bad Behavior

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, featuring the omnipresent background soundtrack of holiday carols that, from sheer repetition, leads me willy-nilly to generate parodic mockeries. Here are three: 🎵“Good King Wenceslas got high On coke and pot and … Continue reading

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Ozymandias at Mar-a-Lago

I met a traveller from a strife-torn land Who said: “An orange and empty head of stone Screamed at the people . . . Near it, in the grandstands, Half drunk, a bitter correspondent, whose frown, And wrinkled lip, and … Continue reading

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Mainspring and Fall

A unplanned collaboration via email: MICHAEL, are you grieving Over Apple Watch not shipping? This bright thing of man you With your old heart care for, can you? Ah, as the year grows older That lack will make you smolder By … Continue reading

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Apple Watch—First Impressions

My Apple Watch, a 42mm Space Gray Sport, is still in the Apple Store’s “processing” phase and hasn’t yet been shipped, but because everyone else is already posting their first impressions, I would be disappointing my massive fanbase if I … Continue reading

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Rush Explains It All

He may be exaggerating the size of the circle for comedic effect.

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Simon and Garfunkel on the 405

When you’re in the car Feeling stalled. When smog is in your eyes Turning them to burning balls. I’ve blocked your lane, oh, When traffic crawls And off-ramps can’t be found: Like a bridge over shut-down freeways I will tear … Continue reading

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