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R.I.P. Harlan Ellison

I learned from several tweets on Twitter today that Harlan Ellison has died. I didn’t know the man, though I had read a number of his works, but I do have one tale to tell of him. It was many … Continue reading

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Ozymandias at Mar-a-Lago

I met a traveller from a strife-torn land Who said: “An orange and empty head of stone Screamed at the people . . . Near it, in the grandstands, Half drunk, a bitter correspondent, whose frown, And wrinkled lip, and … Continue reading

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Green Shoots

Things look grim for our ship of state, but they could be grimmer. President 💩🔥💰 is not having everything his own way. He just took it on the chin from the 9th Circuit. News about Flynn’s pre-election discussions with the … Continue reading

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Comic book cities

I was talking with a friend this evening to distract ourselves from our forthcoming dystopian future, and our rambling conversation came around to comic books: “Most cities in comic books tend to be based on New York, because that’s where the … Continue reading

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It happened again…

Every so often I’ll draw a cartoon and then, a few days or even a few months later, I’ll see that some professional cartoonist has done something that seems very similar to the gag in my drawing. It’s happened again, this … Continue reading

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Why So Violent?

Recent events, featuring shootings by police, shootings of police, children shooting themselves, parents shooting children, and, just in general, a whole lot of shootings, makes me ask, why are we so violent in the United States? It’s not the guns—or, … Continue reading

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“I Do Not Know”

Lauren Goode, at writer at The Verge, says that Apple’s forthcoming watchOS 3 is “an admission that Apple had it all wrong when it came to interactions on the first-generation Apple Watch.” It is no such thing, although the headline makes … Continue reading

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I’m loopy!

I found a $16 knock-off of the space black Milanese loop band for Apple Watch on [Amazon][1], and, having a little gift certificate money left, ordered it. I like it so far. It’s obvious to the wearer that it ain’t … Continue reading

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A Book Tour in the Age of Global Warming

Last week I made a print-on-demand copy of Fuzzy Bytes, and the proof copy is now on a book tour!! According to the latest FedEx tracking information, it arrived at Northborough, MA, on Friday, got to Scrubgrass Township, PA, … Continue reading

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Surprising surprises

For years I wanted to be a writer so I could make more of the things I like to read, but during all that time I thought there would be a catch that came with that. Unlike the books I … Continue reading

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