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Did this ever happen to you?

I chased my love away And made sure she would go Because I feared the pain of when She’d go all on her own.

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Sumer is…

Sumer is icumen in Rather like Elijah, That is to say, Leave the door open, And set a place, But don’t get Your hopes up.

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Love may, as though by lightning hit, Flare bright and shine out briefly, Or cast its glow, cool and slow, As by the north lights lit. But fast or slow, It still will go Out And let the dark back … Continue reading

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New Year’s Morning

We climb from the solstice Into clean cold light, Shedding tarnished tinsel ashes, Wearing hueless haze, Awaiting the staining colors Of the next march of days.

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Standard Time

Time, as we clock it,Falls back this week:And the hour handAs it retreatsPulls the dawn with it.Yes, day will come sooner—but its early lightPortends the coming of an earlier night.

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