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Notes, Quotes, and iBooks

I have a bone to pick with ebook publishers and the developers of ebook readers. See my rant at TidBITS:

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Rush Explains It All

He may be exaggerating the size of the circle for comedic effect.

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Seduced and Abandoned

Repeatedly. Newton HyperCard Classic iTools iCards interactive QuickTime Homepage Rosetta iDisk iWeb iPhoto/iMovie Web galleries Right now, I’m not feeling the love.

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“Green Lantern”: It doesn’t (completely) suck

OK, it wasn’t the best film I’ve ever seen, nor even the best film I’ve seen this week, but “Green Lantern” is far from the turkey that I’ve seen described in the press. It’s a good deal better than “Thor,” … Continue reading

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I wave my hand and raise a storm

Late last week I began composing a short piece for this blog about the phrase “get over it.” However, knowing that the weekly edition of TidBITS was running a little light this week, I showed it to the editors there, … Continue reading

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