Seduced and Abandoned


  • Newton
  • HyperCard
  • Classic
  • iTools
  • iCards
  • interactive QuickTime
  • Homepage
  • Rosetta
  • iDisk
  • iWeb
  • iPhoto/iMovie Web galleries

Right now, I’m not feeling the love.

2 thoughts on “Seduced and Abandoned”

  1. I’d add Claris Emailer, and Script-X, and MacWrite Pro to the list.

    In many ways though the iTools/.mac/.me bait-and-switch is more upsetting since Apple is taking away without giving.

    I’d have paid a flat fee/month of 5.00 for iCards.

  2. The big deal is that in so many of these cases, the abandonment has rendered inaccessible data created by users.

    And ironically enough, MobileMe was more about “you” than “me”. MobileMe was about sharing stuff with other people; its replacement, iCloud, is about sharing stuff with yourself.

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