Getting the Book Invented Properly

In 1992, Douglas Adams’ Complete Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy was one of the original three Voyager Expanded Books published. A big Mac fan, and a Voyager fan as well, Adams wrote and recorded a short promotional audio for the floppy-disk-based ebook series. Here, in all of its crunchy 8-bit-audio glory, is that recording, Getting the Book Invented Properly.

Bonus: the Literary Platform site recently held a competition for animations to accompany the recording. The entries are here.

In which I commit another reckless act of authorship

I assumed this would be a 75-page ebook, but it turned out to be double that. On the other hand, it was both fun and rewarding to write, and I think it can be very helpful to aspiring ebook authors and publishers: Take Control of iBooks Author, available for $15 from Take Control Books.

Plus, there’s a free Multi-Touch excerpt for the iPad, Take Control of Getting Ready for iBooks Author, that you can download!

The cover of Take Control of iBooks Author

5 reasons to post top-5 lists

5. The numeral 5 in a blog post title is a secret signal to Google’s SEO filters that the post is a Super-premium-level link and should be moved up in the page rankings.

4. No need to worry about how to organize the post’s contents.

3. 5 is not the same as 10, so David Letterman won’t be able to sue you for stealing his bit.

2. 5 is a perfect blogging number: you can use one hand to count, and still be able to type with the other.

1. The numeral 5 looks very much like the letter S: because the most powerful link-bait word also begins with S, by a process of unconscious transference many readers will click the link hoping to get lucky.

Ganging up on the iBookstore

This evening, I went to the iBookstore in iTunes and checked out the Computers & Internet section. Not only is our iPad 2 Project Book featured, but it is #2 in the sales ranking, just behind my friend Jeff Carlson’s book. There’s also another book of mine on the page, another one of Jeff’s, two books by yet another friend, Joe Kissell, and another book by another friend, Tonya Engst.

Weirdest flash mob ever.