The Lightning Reversion

My new iPhone arrived today, and with it, the new and controversial Lightning connector that replaces the Dock Connector of earlier models. And it has forced me to take a step back in my syncing and charging habits.

Over the years, I have accumulated a handful of power adaptors and Dock Connector cables, so I have scattered them about my digs: one by the sofa, one at my sitting-down desk, and one attached to the iMac at my standing desk. With Wi-Fi syncing and iCloud backup, I could pretty much plug my phone or my iPad in anywhere.

With my new iPhone I only have one Lightning cable, which I have attached to my iMac. That means, of course, my new iPhone gets no benefit from Wi-Fi syncing or iCloud backup. On the other hand, I spend much of my day at my iMac (hey, it’s where I make my living), so it really isn’t much of hardship to plug my iPhone in each morning to charge, sync, and back up as I start my workday. And, it must be said, tethered syncs and backups are considerably faster than those over the air, something I had forgotten in recent months.

So my disgruntlement level with the new connector is low. And I have a birthday coming up: maybe someone will buy me one of those Lightning-to-Dock connector adapter plugs.