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What your coffee knew in February 2021.

February 26
Charlie Chaplin became the highest paid American filmmaker on this date in 1916.
Your coffee wants a contract to our mutual benefit.

February 25
On this date in 1956, Soviet Union leader Nikita Khrushchev denounced the late Josef Stalin at the 20th Congress of the Communist Party.
Your coffee wants to stir things up.

February 24
The first nylon bristle toothbrush came to market on this date in 1938.
Your coffee thinks previous toothbrushes were a boar.

February 23
On this date in 1739, the notorious outlaw Dick Turpin was identified by his former teacher, James Smith.
Your coffee wants a good anonymizer.

February 22
Robert II became the first Stuart King of Scotland on this date in 1371.
Your coffee wants a centerpiece with Queen Anne’s lace.

February 19
On this date in 1856, Professor Hamilton L. Smith patented the tintype camera.
You want non-dairy creamer? Not on your tintype!

February 18
Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (Tom Sawyer’s Comrade) was published in the United States on this date in 1885.
Your coffee wants to ask a raft of questions about its illustrations.

February 17
On this date in 1972, cumulative sales of the Volkswagen Beetle surpassed those of Ford’s Model T.
Your coffee wants an electric Duesenberg.

February 16
William Vandenburg and James Harvey received a patent for the ironing board on this date in 1858.
Your coffee wants a zoot suit with a reet pleat!

February 15
On this date in 1113, Pope Paschal II issued Pie Postulatio Voluntatis, which recognized the Order of Hospitallers.
Your coffee believes it is always hospitable to offer pie.

February 12
The British Parliament declared that the flight of James II to France constituted abdication on this date in 1689.
Your coffee thinks that a peaceful transfer of power would be glorious.

February 11
On this date in 1993, Janet Reno became the first woman successfully nominated to hold the post of United States Attorney General.
Your coffee wants to be exonerated by DNA evidence.

February 10
The first “Tom and Jerry” cartoon was released on this date in 1940.
Your coffee wants a complete run of “Jasper and Jinx” animated shorts.

February 9
On this date in 1907, the “Mud March” in support of women’s suffrage was held in London.
Your coffee wants equal rights and raingear.

February 8
Richard Mentor Johnson became the only United States Vice President elected to the post by the provisions of the Twelfth Amendment on this date in 1837.
Your coffee wants to flip its Whig.

February 5
On this date in 2020, President Trump was acquitted in his first Senate impeachment trial.
Your coffee wants a jury that doesn’t include unindicted co-conspirators.

February 4
The United Service Organizations was incorporated in New York City on this date in 1941.
Your coffee wants to be served, along with an egg, in the GIs’ “home away from home.”

February 3
On this date in 1958, the Benelux Economic Union was established.
Your coffee wants an Electrolux!

February 2
A dog-sled relay team delivered much-needed diphtheria antitoxin to Nome, Alaska, on this date in 1925.
Your coffee knows who’s a good dog: all of them!

February 1
On this date in 1942, the Voice of America began broadcasting.
Your coffee’s truth keeps marching on.