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What your coffee knew in July 2020.

July 31
Patrick Francis Healy, the son of a former slave, became the president of Georgetown University on this date in 1874.
Your coffee wants to represent.

July 30
On this date in 1898, the first automobile advertisement appeared in a magazine.
Your coffee wants a simple and powerful hydrocarbon motor.

July 29
Hawaii held its first U.S. Congressional election on this date in 1959.
Your coffee wants to be at large.

July 28
On this date in 1917, the Negro Silent Protest Parade took place on Fifth Avenue in New York City.
Your coffee wants history to stop having to repeat itself.

July 27
The Continental League was announced as the third league in Major League Baseball on this date in 1959.
Your coffee wants beautiful music, dangerous rhythm.

July 24
On this date in 1847, Richard March Hoe received a patent for his rotary printing press.
Your coffee wants its news straight, not spun.

July 23
Air Canada Flight 183 made a deadstick landing on a motor racetrack in Gimli, Manitoba, on this date in 1983.
Your coffee wants to know if Gimli first needed to clear any Orcs from the track.

July 22
On this date in 1893, Professor Katharine Lee Bates wrote the poem that became the lyrics to “America the Beautiful.”
Your coffee wants to be shade–grown on a majestic purple mountain.

July 21
Jay Silverheels became the first Native American to receive a star on Hollywood Boulevard on this date in 1979.
Your coffee wants a bigger residual check, kemosabe.

July 20
On this date in 2017, O.J. Simpson was granted parole.
Your coffee wants to know if the glove really didn’t fit.

July 17
Pilot Douglas (“Wrong Way”) Corrigan “accidentally” flew from New York to Ireland on this date in 1938.
Your coffee uses Apple Maps and the Compass app.

July 16
On this date in 1790, the Residence Act established Washington, D.C., as the capital of the United States.
Your coffee thinks granting the District statehood would be a capital idea.

July 15
U.S. President James Carter declared that the country was facing “a crisis of confidence” on this date in 1979.
Your coffee wants to perk you up.

July 14
On this date in 1943, the George Washington Carver National Monument was created.
Your coffee has heard that it cost considerably more than peanuts.

July 13
King Victor Emmanuel I of Savoy established the Royal Carabinieri Corps on this date in 1814.
Your coffee is a shot of Italian roast.

July 10
On this date in 1966, Dr. Martin Luther King led a rally for the Chicago Freedom Movement in Soldier Field.
Your coffee came for the solidarity, stayed for the appearances by Mahalia Jackson and Stevie Wonder.

July 9
King Henry VIII’s marriage to Anne of Cleves was annulled on this date in 1540.
Your coffee wants to be served plain.

July 8
On this date in 1948, the U.S. Air Force accepted the first recruits into its WAF program.
Your coffee wants to serve by being served.

July 7
The first Elvis Presley single was broadcast over the radio on this date in 1954.
Your coffee wants you all to know that it’s all right.

July 6
On this date in 1858, Lyman R. Blake of Massachusetts was granted a U.S. patent for a shoe-sewing machine.
Your coffee wants to vamp with soul!

July 3
The first state normal school in the United States opened on this date in 1839.
Your coffee wants to occupy the A.B. Normal Chair of Advanced Studies.

July 2
On this date in 1776, the Second Continental Congress adopted Richard Henry Lee’s resolution that the American colonies “are, and of right ought to be, free and independent States.”
Your coffee bet that set off some fireworks.

July 1
Today is the last day of the first half of 2020.
Your coffee has never experienced 183 days that lasted so long.