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What your coffee knew in June 2020.

June 30
On this date in 1859, French acrobat Charles Blondin crossed Niagara Falls on a tightrope.
Your coffee wants to accompany an aerial omelette.

June 29
The first Apple iPhone became available for sale on this date in 2007.
Your coffee wants to recharge you wirelessly.

June 26
On this date in 2015, the United States Supreme Court ruled that the right of same-sex couples to marry in all 50 states is guaranteed by the Constitution.
Your coffee wants to catch a bouquet.

June 25
The new booth lineup for ABC’s “Monday Night Football”—comprising O.J. Simpson, Frank Gifford, and Joe Namath—was announced on this date in 1985.
Your coffee wants to put an end to sudden-death tie-breakers.

June 24
On this date in 1869, former slave and abolitionist Mary Ellen Pleasant was named the “Voodoo Queen” of San Francisco.
Your coffee wants to put a spell on you.

June 23
Warren Earl Burger was sworn in as the 15th Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court on this date in 1969.
Your coffee wants fries with that Burger.

June 22
On this date in 1633, the Holy Office ordered Galileo to recant his view that the Earth is not the center of the Universe.
Your coffee wants to be vehemently suspect of being delicious.

June 19
Union Army General Gordon Granger announced General Order 3, freeing all slaves in Texas, on this date in 1865.
Your coffee wants to celebrate, to educate, and to agitate.

June 18
On this date in 1898, the Steel Pier in Atlantic City opened.
Your coffee knows the perfect place for one of its former owners to take a long walk.

June 17
The South African Parliament repealed the Population Registration Act on this date in 1991.
Your coffee does not have to tell you what kind of roast it is.

June 16
On this date in 2016, Shanghai Disneyland Park opened to the public.
Your coffee wants shorter lines with more social distancing.

June 15
Henry Ossian Flipper became the first African American graduate of the United States Military Academy on this date in 1877.
Your coffee wants a good conduct discharge.

June 12
On this date in 2009, analog TV stations switched to digital broadcasting in the United States.
Your coffee wants a converter coupon and an HBO Max subscription.

June 11
Compaq Computer purchased Digital Equipment Corporation for $9.6 billion on this date in 1998.
Your coffee wants to edit this post with TECO on a DEC-10.

June 10
On this date in 1943, brothers László and Georg Bíró patented the ballpoint pen.
Your coffee wants a feathered quill and an inkwell.

June 9
Cole Porter was born on this date in 1891.
Your coffee wants to begin the Beguine.

June 8
On this date in 1869, Ives W. McGaffey patented a suction vacuum cleaner.
Your coffee abhors a dirty vacuum.

June 5
Over 67 percent of British voters approved the United Kingdom’s continued membership in the European Community (a.k.a. “the Common Market”) on this date in 1975.
Your coffee wants an exit from Brexit.

June 4
On this date in 1913, British suffragette Emily Davison was fatally trampled by King George V’s horse Anmer at the Derby Stakes at Epsom Downs, Surrey.
Your coffee wants to rein in authoritarian rule.

June 3
Chinese government troops forced protestors out of Tiananmen Square in Beijing on this date in 1989.
Your coffee wants to say no tanks for the memories.

June 2
On this date in 2012, former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak was sentenced to life in prison for his role in the killing of demonstrators during the 2011 Egyptian revolution.
Your coffee wants, but does not expect, the current U.S. President to take note.

June 1
Space Shuttle Endeavour made its final landing after 25 missions on this date in 2011.
Your coffee wants more spacecraft named after British TV detectives.