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What your coffee knew in October 2019.

October 31
On this date in 2019, the United Kingdom was scheduled to leave the European Union.
Your coffee wants another referendum.

October 30
John Adams, the second President of the United States, was born on this date in 1735.
Your coffee wants him to sit down.

October 29
On this date in 1998, Hurricane Mitch, the second deadliest Atlantic hurricane in history, made landfall in Honduras.
Your coffee wants to get Hurricane Mitch out of the Senate and into penal retirement.

October 28
The novel Gulliver’s Travels was published on this date in 1726.
Your coffee wants to make a big thing out of it and isn’t horsing around.

October 25
On this date in 1929, Albert B. Fall, Secretary of the Interior in the Harding Administration, was convicted of bribery.
Your coffee wants a teapot sans dome.

October 24
The Toronto Blue Jays became the first Major League Baseball team based outside of the United States to win the World Series on this date in 1992.
Your coffee wants to give them peanuts, Cracker-Jack, and suet in a hanging feeder.

October 23
On this date in 1930, J.K. Scott won the first professional miniature golf tournament.
Your coffee wants a water hazard with a clown-faced wind-mill.

October 22
The United States Food and Drug Administration banned Red Dye No. Four on this date in 1976.
Your coffee remains naturally black—and beautiful.

October 21
On this date in 1512, Martin Luther joined the faculty of the University of Wittenberg.
Your coffee wants tenure.

October 18
The United States Federal Communications Commission allowed people to have unlicensed home satellite earth stations on this date in 1979.
Your coffee wants to get DirecTV indirectly via a dark web feed.

October 17
On this date in 2018, the recreational use of cannabis became legal in Canada.
Your coffee wants…oh, heck, it forgot…what were we talking about?

October 16
The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis was published on this date in 1950.
Your coffee wants an Oxford comma.

October 15
On this date in 1066, Edgar the Ætheling was proclaimed King of England.
Your coffee predicts a short period of reign, followed by historical obscurity.

October 14
The oldest surviving motion picture film in existence, “Roundhay Garden Scene”, was shot on this date in 1888.
Your coffee wants to be shot on Eastman Kodak paper base photographic film, not by Edison’s thugs.

October 11
On this date in 1991, Anita Hill accused Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas of sexual harassment during his Senate confirmation hearings.
Your coffee wants a well-wiped can of cola.

October 10
The “Red Baron” made his first appearance in the “Peanuts” comic strip on this date in 1965.
Your coffee wants an aerodynamically sound beagle domicile.

October 9
On this date in 1986, “The Phantom of the Opera” opened at Her Majesty’s Theatre in London.
Your coffee wants to listen to the music of the night.

October 8
Amy Vanderbilt published The Complete Book of Etiquette on this date in 1952.
Your coffee wants to know if roasted arabica beans are a proper gift for expressing publication congratulations.

October 7
Today is Vladimir Putin’s 67th birthday.
Your coffee wants a red velvet cake.

October 4
WikiLeaks was founded on this date in 2006.
Your coffee wants a WikiSealant.

October 3
On this date in 2001, Barry Bonds broke Babe Ruth’s single-season record—for walks.
Your coffee wants an intentional saunter.

October 2
The Rijndael algorithm was chosen by the National Institute of Standards and Technology as the Advanced Encryption Standard on this date in 2000.
Your coffee wants a symmetric brew algorithm.

October 1
On this date in 1903, the first game of the first modern World Series was played.
Your coffee wants peanuts, Cracker-Jacks, and the MLB app.