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What your coffee knew in May 2019.

May 31
The only high school dance ever held in the White House took place on this date in 1975.
Your coffee wants to slow dance to the Outerspace Band’s rendition of “Reefer Man.”

May 30
On this date in 1908, voice actor Mel Blanc was born.
Your coffee tawt it taw a puddy-tat!

May 29
Discovery became the first Space Shuttle to dock with the International Space Station on this date in 1999.
Your coffee wants to make your morning more habitable.

May 28
On this date in 1987, 18-year-old West German pilot Mathias Rust landed his private plane next to Moscow’s Red Square.
Your coffee wants to fill your auxiliary fuel tanks.

May 27
The Ford Motor Company ceased production of the Model T on this date in 1927.
Your coffee wants to crank your starter.

May 24
On this date in 1595, Nomenclator, the first printed catalogue of an institutional library, was published.
Your coffee wants to check it out.

May 23
Bank robbers Bonnie and Clyde had serious car trouble on this date in 1934.
Your coffee wants to be romanticized by Arthur Penn.

May 22
On this date in 1846, AP, the Associated Press non-profit news agency, was founded.
Your coffee remembers when being non-profit was an optional newspaper business model, not an inevitability.

May 21
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer bought United Artists on this date in 1981.
Your coffee wants to re-dub Leo’s roar.

May 20
On this date in 1964, Robert Woodrow Wilson and Arno Penzias made the first measurements that clearly demonstrated cosmic microwave background radiation.
Your coffee wants to be reheated in a cosmic microwave.

May 17
The first televised baseball game in the United States took place on this date in 1939.
Your coffee wants a celebrity endorsement.

May 16
On this date in 1988, U.S. Surgeon General C. Everett Koop said that nicotine was as addictive as cocaine and heroin.
Your coffee wants to remind you that caffeine is not on that list.

May 15
Jessica Watson, at age 16, became the youngest person to sail, solo and unassisted, non-stop around the world on this date in 2010.
Your coffee wants you to know that the end of all your exploring will be to arrive where you started and know the place for the first time.

May 14
On this date in 1939, Lina Marcela Medina de Jurado, at five years old, became the youngest confirmed birth mother in history.
Your coffee is utterly opposed to child labor.

May 13
The New York Giants baseball team scored ten runs before the first out was recorded in a game played on this date in 1911.
Next time, your coffee wants to get to the ballpark before the first pitch!

May 10
On this date in 1962, Marvel Comics published the first issue of “The Incredible Hulk.”
Your coffee wants you to have a (Bruce) Banner day!

May 9
Buffalo Bill Cody’s Wild West show opened in London on this date in 1887.
Your coffee wants to ride shotgun through London’s West End.

May 8
On this date in 1915, Regret became the first filly to win the Kentucky Derby.
Your coffee regrets the $2 it placed on Pebbles.

May 7
Geoffrey Dummer delivered a paper containing the first description of an integrated circuit on this date in 1952.
Your coffee wants to wear flip-flops.

May 6
On this date in 1927, Virginia Woolf published To the Lighthouse.
Your coffee wants to go Skye diving.

May 3
Niccolò Machiavelli was born on this date in 1469.
Your coffee wants an autographed copy of The Prince.

May 2
On this date in 1952, the first passenger jetliner, the de Havilland DH 106 Comet, made its first commercial flight.
Your coffee wants to kick back in a reclining “slumberseat.”

May 1
Moses Fleetwood Walker became the first black man to play openly on a major league baseball team on this date in 1884.
Your coffee wants to wear lambskin gloves with the fingers slit and slightly padded in the palm.