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What your coffee knew in June 2018.

June 29
The first transpacific airplane flight, from the mainland United States to Hawaii, was completed on this date in 1927.
Your coffee wants to send you some Kona beans by air.

June 28
On this date in 1911, the Nakhla meteorite fell to Earth in Egypt.
Your coffee is brewed using aqueous processes.

June 27
France granted independence to Djibouti on this date in 1977.
Your coffee wants to shake Djibouti.

June 26
On this date in 2000, the Human Genome project announced the completion of a “rough draft” of the genome.
Your coffee wants to eliminate excess commas, reduce passive voice, and strengthen nucleotide bonds.

June 25
Microsoft was incorporated in the state of Washington on this date in 1981.
Your coffee wants to tie a ribbon on Clippy.

June 22
On this date in 1990, Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin was dismantled.
Your coffee wants to meet you at the Cafe Adler.

June 21
The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that flag burning was a protected form of speech on this date in 1989.
Your coffee wants a dark roast.

June 20
On this date in 1975, the movie “Jaws” was released in the United States.
Your coffee thinks we’re gonna need a bigger carafe.

June 19
The Philadelphia Eagles and the Pittsburgh Steelers merged to form a single team on this date in 1943.
Your coffee wants Steagles season tickets.

June 18
On this date in 1948, Columbia Records introduced the long-playing phonograph record.
Your coffee thinks that’s really groovy!

June 15
U.S. President Wilson signed a bill incorporating the Boy Scouts of America on this date in 1916.
Your coffee wants a merit badge.

June 14
On this date in 1966, the Vatican announced that it was abolishing the Index Librorum Prohibitorum.
Your coffee wants something bad to read.

June 13
Rhode Island became the first North American British colony to ban the importation of slaves on this date in 1774.
Your coffee wants an increase in the minimum wage.

June 12
On this date in 1240, the Disputation of Paris began.
Your coffee wants to argue about the virtues of a French roast.

June 11
The Cassini-Huygens probe made its closest approach to the Saturnian moon Phoebe on this date in 2004.
Your coffee wants to know why it ignored Monica and Rachel.

June 8
On this date in 1992, the first World Oceans Day was celebrated.
Your coffee wants to comb the beach.

June 7
The U.S. Supreme Court on this date in 1965 ruled that married couples could not legally be prohibited from using contraceptives.
Your coffee wants to help you deal with the morning after.

June 6
On this date in 1844, the artificial ice-rink, the Glaciarium, opened in London off Tottenham Court Road.
Your coffee is “desirous of engaging in the graceful and manly pastime of skating.”

June 5
Louis Brandeis was sworn in as a Supreme Court Justice on this date in 1916.
Your coffee wants a good Jewish lawyer.

June 4
On this date in 2010, the first SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launch propelled a payload into orbit.
Your coffee wants to tame a dragon.

June 1
The journal Emergency Medicine published instructions for performing the Heimlich Maneuver on this date in 1974.
Your coffee wants a pat on the back.